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Perfect Ten: How to speak with your family members about playing MMOs

The nice part about growing up with serious social awkwardness as "the weird one" in my family is that really, every strange fixation I...

Jukebox Heroes: The ultimate guide to MMORPG music

It's been a long, strange, and wonderful journey to explore MMORPG music with you here in Jukebox Heroes. And while I am anticipating...

Wizard101 drops a massive summer update with character facelifts

You hear that delighted squealing? It's just the Wizard101 community as they unpack a Christmas' worth of presents in this week's summer...
Happiness is a warm gun.

APB Reloaded clears out the anniversary area and event items, tunes its anti-cheat software

Parties are fun, but when everyone has left, the unhappy job of cleaning up the mess remains. That's just what APB Reloaded has...

Arcfall fleshes out its sandbox world, hopes for a 2020 launch

It has been two years since the old school-flavored Arcfall entered early access on Steam... and two years later, it still sits...

Desert Oasis: How I’m progressing through Black Desert without spending a dime

I've been playing Black Desert for quite a while, and in that time I've made a bit of cash and built up a...

Warframe of Mind: Looking back at Warframe’s lucky seventh year

In our first Warframe anniversary retrospective in 2019, we covered everything from the beginning up through the shooter's sixth birthday. For the...

The Daily Grind: What’s the best MMO for duoing in 2020?

Appropriate topic for Valentine's Day, right? I mean, sure, you could go get reservations and pay through the nose for expensive dinner along with...

EverQuest II has been busy patching up and fixing bugs post-Blood of Luclin

EverQuest II players have been treated to not just one but two smallish patches this week in the wake of the holiday season...

Chronicles of Elyria is still working on the botched Settlers of Elyria event – and future events too

Chronicles of Elyria has returned after winter holidays with a new newsletter for backers. As usual, the newsletter is pretty fluffy (I...
Hashtag maybe some changes.

SpatialOS boss Herman Narula believes multiplayer gaming could overtake social media

The methods we interact with one another digitally have grown by leaps and bounds, to be sure. We've moved from AOL IMs to social...

One Shots: Holding back the dark

I am always aware of how dark it gets in the late weeks of December, when the nights are so very long and the...

The Stream Team: A very Villagers and Heroes Christmas

Last Christmas Eve, Massively OP's MJ went Grinchta hunting. Now it seems that the monster is up to no good again, so it's time...

The Daily Grind: What is the best MMO holiday event minigame ever designed?

While Halloween seems to bring out a lot of spooky instances and trick-or-treating in MMORPGs, I've always felt that the Christmas season sees more...

The Stream Team: There’s no fest like Snowfest for Christmas in Trove

There's no fest like Snowfest, the Snowfest in Trove! Everything about it is appealing -- every little gift that it allows. Where else can...
ring ring ring

A very World of Warcraft Christmas

Vallin stroked his beard absently for the dozenth time. Just like the first several times, he had forgotten about the rings of his glove,...

Jukebox Heroes: A Charlie Brown MMO Christmas

I don't know if you realized this, but every year Bree asks me to whip up a column of MMO holiday tunes for Christmas....

The Stream Team: All I want for Astroneer is Christmas!

Christmas Eve is a day of wonder and excitement -- and what better personification of that than Astroneer? Especially now when there's a big...

The Daily Grind: What’s on your MMO wish list this holiday season?

Really, it's any excuse to pull out the Christmas Llama from Aion. Hopefully, you're getting to a place in your year where you can scale...

The Stream Team: Calling out all Krampusse in Secret World Legends

Conspiracies stop for no manĀ  -- or entity! Even the holidays get in on it. Krampusnaucht is happening in Secret World Legends, and Massively...