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Life is Feudal MMO continues its comeback with a relaunch on Steam

In May of 2023, we learned that the MMO portion of Life is Feudal was coming back from its 2021 sunset under the stewardship...

Life is Feudal MMO returns under new management – and a testing subscription fee

For those who don't remember Life is Feudal, it was a medieval-style simulator that was most notable for spawning multiple versions: an MMO, a...

Rumor: Life is Feudal MMO might be making a comeback, with a sequel in the works

The medieval sandbox MMORPG Life is Feudal died something of a slow death, first with a January 2021 sunset followed by an October 2022...

The Chinese version of the Life is Feudal MMO will be shut down in October

Fans of the sandbox MMO version of Life is Feudal are unfortunately dying a second death in a manner of speaking. Tiancity, the publisher...

Whatever happened to the Life is Feudal MMO?

We understand that people miss a sunsetted MMO and are willing to go through a lot to revisit an old haunt, but sometimes the...

Players of Life is Feudal MMO share their thoughts and final moments before the game’s sunset

This past December, we reported on the news that the MMO version of Life is Feudal was closing up shop on January 18th. In...

Life is Feudal MMO announces imminent closure, cites ‘reasons beyond [its] control’

Enjoy this Christmas, Life is Feudal, because it will be your last. The Life is Feudal team made the shocking announcement on Friday that it...

Battle Bards Episode 171: Forest Tales 2

Hitch up your shorts, buckle your boots, and step into another deep forest of MMORPG music with the Battle Bards! As diverse as the...

Life is Feudal is planning an AMA, PvP rule changes, and a Godenland wipe

Spring is coming to Life is Feudal and with it are some planned adjustments to the game and an upcoming AMA according to the...

The Survivalist: My top 20 survival game goals for 2020, part the second

With so many survival titles out there, it's no wonder I couldn't contain my full list of new year goals in a single Survivalist!...
Somebody pull.

Global Chat: What would World of Warcraft 2 look like?

It's a pretty common exercise in our circles to speculate on what a sequel to World of Warcraft would look like. Oh, it'll never,...

Life is Feudal: MMO is officially going free-to-play with bonuses for existing players

It's been a while since we checked in on the MMO version of Life is Feudal, which hit early access over a year and...

The Survivalist: What ever happened to the smaller survival sandbox MMOs?

With big name survival games getting ignored developmentally, you have to wonder what's been going on with the smaller titles. After all, we've got...

The Survivalist: When survival sandboxes are more MMO than actual MMORPGs

Ever since Life is Feudal announced at the end of last month its dedication to developing a deep roleplay-focused server, I haven't been able...

Life is Feudal: MMO’s latest update unveils the realm of Godenland, introduces new challenges

Gritty medieval sandbox Life is Feudal has introduced its massive new 0.2.0 update, adding a whole new map to explore, a heavily revamped progression...

Life is Feudal merges servers ahead of massive update with huge new map and offline skill progression

If you're a current or former player of the Life is Feudal MMO, heads-up because your world is about to change, literally. Bitbox is...

The Stream Team: Disdoored survival is harder than you think

Massively OP's MJ really needs more claymation in her life, so she's back into Disdoored for her daily survival fix. But as whimsical as...

Life Is Feudal: Your Own celebrates latest update with franchise-wide half-price sale

Life is Feudal: Your Own, everyone's favorite medieval survival game/serfdom simulator, has just released its latest major update, and to celebrate the occasion, developer...

First Life is Feudal content update unites the worlds, introduces PvP arenas, and adds clergy and slavery

Bitbox recently released the first major content update for its medieval sandbox survival game Life is Feudal, and it brings with it a slew...

The Stream Team: A first look at claymation survival game Disdoored

Do you like claymation? Do you like survival games? Well, the newly introduced Disdoored was made with you in mind! Massively OP's MJ is...