Global Chat: What would World of Warcraft 2 look like?

Somebody pull.

It’s a pretty common exercise in our circles to speculate on what a sequel to World of Warcraft would look like. Oh, it’ll never, ever happen, but can you imagine it? MMO blogger Kaylriene certainly can, and his design doc is pretty thoughtful and meticulous.

“I think that if I were a betting man, and we lived in a world where WoW 2 was an inevitability, I would place my bet on the main hook being an alternate universe,” he wrote. “Why? Well, my take is this — the Warlords of Draenor storyline, as iffy as it was, did set up a compelling idea that could ignite a new game altogether.”

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Above, you'll see the once-ominous portal...

Priest with a Cause: How successful will WoW Classic be?

“One of the biggest problems we run into right away when asking this question is that we still don’t really know what made the original World of Warcraft so successful in the first place. Sure, it was a good game, but it would be highly dubious to claim that the degree to which it was better than its competition was directly proportional to the size of its success.”

The EverQuest Show: Actors you probably didn’t realize were in EverQuest II

“The IMDB page for EverQuest II is a wonderfully joyful thing to dig through. Or maybe it’s just me? After our recent article on Lords of EverQuest, with some big names lending their voices to the characters in that game, we decided to see if there were any hidden gems in EverQuest II. Boy were we right.”

Going Commando: To skip or not to skip

“As much I’ve moaned in the past about KotFE and KotET in particular feeling like a bit of a drag (though actually, I already complained about Shadow of Revan and Ziost before that), I have not made use of the option to skip either so far.”

Endgame Variable: Snap judgment on Life is Feudal MMO

“Overall I would say it’s worth checking out for free. I might also cynically add that it might be your last chance to do so, because undoubtedly there’s a reason they’ve decided to try to get more people into the game by making it free.”

Tales of the Aggronaut: Early access IS your launch

“If game sales are based upon the amount of hype that you can generate for your game, doing early access means whatever hype you could have generated was spent on that. For me personally a game launches the moment you start taking money for access to it. I also feel like a game doesn’t get a pass for me while it has an alpha, beta, or whatever the next industry catch phrase for ‘unfinished’ is attached to it. Once you start accepting money to let players play your game, you have launched.”

Shards of Imagination: I am a Monster Hunter World tourist

“I am starting to feel my behavior with Monster Hunter World mimics that even though it hasn’t had any substantial update for a while. In my case it is more when an event is announced. I get back into the game with the full intention of checking the event out, and finally finishing the base game’s story, only  for a few days later to completely forget about it and then play something else.”

Nerdy Bookahs: MMOs are weird virtual worlds — where’s the toilet?

“With the exception of very few MMOs, there are simply no toilets or just in general bathrooms in MMOs. Apparently, there is no need for hygiene? From the top of my head, I know that there are a few in World of Warcraft, but they’re mostly related to corresponding quests. I don’t remember the zone or name of the quest, but some dwarf had been in dire need of a roll of toilet paper?”


Mailvatar: RIP Marvel Heroes

“It could be almost stressful at times, frantically zipping from one bossfight or ring event to the next, hoovering up tons of loot and reward-containers with even more loot, until the inventory was completely full and you had to take a break to manage all that stuff. But it was a lot of fun and felt pretty epic.”

Static Refresh: A leisurely pace

“That’s not to say that at times enjoyment and progress do not go hand in hand, but that my measure of enjoyment (especially in hindsight) has become dependent on the amount of ‘meaningful progress’ I make.”

Misdirections: Do we need another class in World of Warcraft?

“Anyway, a common thread I picked up on with this latest batch of detailed “visions” is the possible/wishlist introduction of the Tinker class in the next expansion. Such speculation is not new, it has been a running thread in the WoW guessing game for years now, but it does seem to have gathered some real momentum this time.”

Later Levels: Tales from the wasteland

“Considering the character of the game, which is generally humorous, I couldn’t help but be moved and saddened by this discovery. However, it stimulated my interest in exploring and finding more hidden narratives, adding greater depth to a game often criticised for lack of story.”

Every day there are tons of terrific, insightful, and unusual articles posted across the MMO gaming blogosphere — and every day, Justin reads as many as he can. Global Chat is a sampling of noteworthy essays, rants, and guides from the past few weeks of MMO discourse.

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Oleg Chebeneev

WoW2 will never happen and never should


I dunno but we will find out in 7 days.

Marty Woods

I’m getting a sense of deja-vu with this one didn’t we get asked the same question a few months back ?

My ideal wow 2 would be to take classic WoW and make a game similar to that with a modern graphics engine . Advanced World of Warcraft as it were .

Alternatively wait until VR technology becomes more advanced , cheaper and widely used and make a WoW VR game .


WoW 2? A foolish premise? Possibly,but what a fantasy to contemplate-

Cyclone Jack
Kickstarter Donor
Cyclone Jack

Looking at the current direction of ActiBlizzion, it would probably be a mobile game.

Rodrigo Dias Costa

I actually would say that they would be foolish to not make it mobile, or at least PC/mobile. China is one of the largest WoW consumers, plus there’s just more money to gain on mobile. For us, old players, it would be the worst thing. For them as business and for the IP, it would mean more consumers and brand exposition.


Answered this several times before:

Blizzard refines away the intolerable elements of the survival sandbox genre and does what EQ: Next failed to do. Azeroth hatches/sacrifices herself and the players inherit and become the new Titans. We can work to clean up after the Burning Crusade, address the Old God threat the original titans bottled away and deal with the exigent threat of the void lords.

Power creep only goes so far, then your campaign narrative needs to address things from the perspective of demigods. That’s where I think a WoW2 could springboard from its own failure into a new cycle. Original WoW winds up being a shard in time that provides potential marketing elements to keep from forking the original game.

It’ll never happen.


you already asked this question months ago :)))))))))) or you dont remember?

IronSalamander8 .

Visually, it would hopefully not look as ludicrous as it does now, especially if you go back before newer player models and other graphical upgrades. I generally like cartoony graphics, I’m playing PvZ: Garden Warfare even as I type this, but part of why I never felt immersed in the game is the disconnect between the serious situations in the game and how silly everything looks.

As for the actual game, it needs to make up it’s mind what it is. Is it simplified EQ like it was intended to be at launch? Is it nothing more than a race to the ‘end game’ grind? Do they want classes that are as homogenized as they are now, or do they want to have the classes play and feel different while keeping them balanced?

If they want to be closer to the original vision for the game they need to make the leveling journey more meaningful, trade skills more useful, classes feel and play well while also having their own identity. To make it more something I’d like to play as I found vanilla WoW a dreadful experience, they’d have to make the talents less of a mess (the old trees are certainly better than the current ones in BfA, but there were a lot of throw away, and ‘never pick this’ talents in the trees), and the community would have to improve. It was a cesspool in beta and early in vanilla. Also, less of these annoying world/daily quests!

Bruno Brito

It would be a shitshow. Blizzard is terrible at balancing and WoW class concept is pretty outdated.

If it was just Classic with a shiny new coat, i would play, sure, but it would still be a mediocre WoW version.


The best WoW 2 I can imagine would be pre-sundering Kalimdor with brand new graphics and Vanilla-like gameplay.