The Division 2 is seeking applicants for an Elite Task Force to improve the online shooter


It worked out for the last game apparently, so maybe it’ll work for this one too: The Division 2 is looking to form up an Elite Task Force of community members to speak with the devs in Malmö, Sweden, with the aim of improving the online shooter’s gameplay and features.

This so-called Elite Task Force Echo is looking to bring over players who can provide constructive feedback directly to the team. Members of this Task Force will get the opportunity to look at plans for future updates and discuss a variety of matters related to the shooter such as endgame RPG, loot, PvP, and inventory matters. Of course, all of this will be strictly under an NDA, so potential applicants are also going to have to know how to keep quiet and sign an affidavit confirming as much.

This is not the first time that the devs of The Division have utilized a group of players for help; the first game put out a similar call for an Elite Task Force and their feedback resulted in some game-changing updates to the shooter. If you’d like to be among those looking to legitimately help the game out, you can check the forum post for a link to an application. The Task Force workshop is scheduled for September 4th through the 6th, with all travel, lodging, and food expenses handled by the devs. You will, however, need to ensure you’ve got appropriate travel documents.

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