Rumor: Life is Feudal MMO might be making a comeback, with a sequel in the works


The medieval sandbox MMORPG Life is Feudal died something of a slow death, first with a January 2021 sunset followed by an October 2022 shuttering of the Chinese version, prompting most fans of the game to relocate there.

However, the game appears to be making some signs of life by way of a publisher known as Long Tale Games, a self-described publishing partner that aims to release “old and new long-story games under a new sauce.” That new sauce apparently comes by way of various partnership and publishing services, but the company also states an overt interest in “working with the Web3 community.”

This links to LiF by way of a teaser tweet from the company in November followed by the opening of a new LiF: MMO Discord, which mostly has a message that promises more info after the publisher has “some time to settle everything down.”

That Discord holds no other information or news, with its main chat channel primarily full of LiF fans waiting impatiently for any new word. Meanwhile, the old Bitbox Ltd. Discord for the game appears to have sprung back to life in a more amusing way as people respond to a question of whether the MMO is returning:

In addition to LiF’s potential return, there’s also an SEC filing from Snail Games this past October, which is ostensibly about its public offering of 3 million shares of stock; this form is relevant here because at one point in the document it references a partnership with Bitbox “to produce Life is Feudal II, a sandbox survival game set in medieval times.” No other details on this project are available at this time, either through Snail’s website and Twitter or Bitbox’s website and Twitter.

sources: Long Tale Games site, Twitter, Discord (1, 2),, cheers Fanega!
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