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Riders of Icarus is shutting down its Southeast Asian servers without any sort of character transfer

There was a time when Riders of Icarus was fine, but everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked. Only replace "when the Fire Nation...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 472: Guild Wars 2 and New World’s wild ride

Justin and Bree discuss New World's console reveal, Guild Wars 2's Janthir Wilds, Legends of Aria, FFXIV Dawntrail's media tour, WoW The War Within, and Diablo IV's expansion, plus adventures in LOTRO, WoW, Project Gorgon, and Ylands.

Legends of Aria’s crypto version, Britaria, goes bust over ‘financial constraints’

When Citadel Studios announced back in April that it was planning to relaunch the Kickstarted MMORPG Legends of Aria (fka Shards Online) as a...

Legends of Aria Classic lays out massive June overhaul patch, postpones subscription

Legends of Aria Classic is squarely in the "a surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one" tier for 2024 as its original developer...

For Science: Fandom’s survey shows a majority of gamers play to unwind and de-stress

I know you'll all be shocked to learn that people play games to have fun and chill out, but in the current industry, sometimes...

EVE Online blockchain spinoff Project Awakening begins Phase III and ‘hackathon’ testing today

CCP Games is continuing to push forward with Project Awakening, the blockchain side piece/spinoff of EVE Online, as the game is launching into its...

Pearl Abyss Q1 2024: Revenues hold steady as Crimson Desert gears up for reveals

Pearl Abyss makes its English financials website a bit of a navigation nightmare, but the company's Q1 2024 earnings presentation is indeed up -...

Legends of Aria Classic relaunches this afternoon as devs commit to ‘refining the core game loop’

Legends of Aria is set for a proper relaunch today as promised, after a fairly low-key surprise open beta last weekend for the Kickstarted...

Legends of Aria Classic is running a ‘surprise open beta’ this weekend ahead of its May 9 relaunch

In the middle of April, pretty much everyone in the MMORPG was surprised to learn that Legends of Aria is getting a revival. Aria,...

Final Fantasy XIV’s studio and boss are getting a rename in a year of change for Square-Enix

Apparently, Square-Enix has been doing more than replacing its president, moving its offices, losing money, and blathering about blockchain and gen AI: It's also...

Ubisoft resolves to launch two Web3 games this year but admits five years of work have yielded nothing

Just in case you were thinking that Ubisoft had stopped huffing the guff of Web3, blockchain, and crypto, allow a VentureBeat interview with blockchain...

Kickstarted MMORPG Legends of Aria is relaunching as Legends of Aria Classic on May 9

When last we looked in on Legends of Aria, it was fading fast into unfortunate obscurity. The Kickstarted MMORPG - originally known as Shards...

Kickstarted cozygame Solarpunk didn’t make its Q1 alpha, but devs say they’re ‘making significant progress’

One of the top multiplayer Kickstarters of 2023 was for Solarpunk, when indie outfit Cyberwave Games and Rokaplay pulled in $330,000 US on a...

Metaverse MMO Avalon gets $10M investment, talks up its game features, AI tools, and Web3

Depending on one's point of view, this news is either the next step forward for Jeffrey Butler's gestating MMO Avalon or proof that investors...

PvP MMORPG Abyss begins signups to an upcoming open playtest on Steam

Before it begins its early access release on April 18th, the PvP sandbox MMORPG Abyss has one more playtest to run - and this...

CCP Games’ blockchain EVE Online spinoff Project Awakening plots next test phase for May

I can't blame you if you can't temper your skepticism for CCP's Project Awakening, both because CCP Games is notorious for failed EVE Online-universe...

Abyss MMO begins testing on Mac, plans early access for April 18

Abyss aka Abyss Online first caught our attention last summer, when gamers figured out that it was actually a clone of the supposedly satirical NFT...

Besieged by bitcoin bots, BitCraft reiterates that it’s not a crypto or NFT MMO

We've been shaking our head ruefully at BitCraft's name for several years now, as it seemed clear to us that the name could be...

Shroud of the Avatar lets players build bazaars and live on the water in Release 123

Whether you're keen to create a market stall-filled bazaar or dodge property taxes because you're living on the water, Release 123 of Shroud of...

‘Survival crafting MMORPG’ BitCraft plans closed alpha for April 2 – here’s how to sign up

That upcoming MMORPG sandbox BitCraft is heading into closed alpha is not a shock: Clockwork Labs has been teasing it for months. The new...