Final Fantasy XIV’s studio and boss are getting a rename in a year of change for Square-Enix


Apparently, Square-Enix has been doing more than replacing its president, moving its offices, losing money, and blathering about blockchain and gen AI: It’s also rearranging the deck chairs of the SS Yoshida.

Now don’t panic; it pretty much looks like just name changes, and not particularly dramatic ones. The Square-Enix studio that is responsible for Final Fantasy XIV and Final Fantasy XVI has gone under the banner of Creative Business Unit III (CBU3), but according to a recent corporate interview with Naoki Yoshida on the SE recruiting website, Yoshida’s title has changed – and so has the studio itself. Instead of “General Manager of Creative Business Unit III,” his position is now “Studio Head of Creative Studio 3.”

As SiliconEra points out, the name changes haven’t percolated to other parts of the SE ecosystem yet, but it does appear we can trade CBU3 for CS3. Doesn’t seem to have quite the same ring to it.

Source: Square-Enix via SiliconEra via Game Watch. Cheers, David!
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