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Wisdom of Nym: Does Final Fantasy XIV not have enough minigames?

Based on a wholly out-of-context reading, the headline for this edition of Wisdom of Nym might sound completely ridiculous. Final Fantasy XIV is not...

Wisdom of Nym: Taking a look at the Final Fantasy XVI x Final Fantasy XIV crossover

Confession time: I've been not exactly low-key waiting for the Final Fantasy XVI crossover in Final Fantasy XIV since June of last year. You...

The Stream Team: Grabbing Final Fantasy XIV’s greatest rewards ever

While there are plenty of awesome goodies to get in Final Fantasy XIV, the recently added crossover event with Final Fantasy XVI arguably has...

Perfect Ten: The 10 best Final Fantasy crossovers

So yesterday we got hit with the Final Fantasy XVI crossover in Final Fantasy XIV. It was all right, I guess. But it wasn't...
No mom.

Wisdom of Nym: Final Fantasy XIV isn’t easier, but it also is

So it was about half a month ago when Final Fantasy XIV fans translated an interview with producer and director Naoki Yoshida talking about...

Final Fantasy XIV confirms the most important element of its Final Fantasy XVI crossover

From the moment that Final Fantasy XIV producer and director Naoki Yoshida revealed that he had finally made peace with Final Fantasy XVI producer...
Strong eye contact.

CBU3 previews everything you can grab in the Final Fantasy XIV x Final Fantasy XVI crossover event

It's just over a week until Final Fantasy XIV players get a chance to find their flame with the Final Fantasy XVI crossover event,...

Wisdom of Nym: Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail release dates, event dates, and philosophy

Well let me be the first to say that I can most definitely live with this particular set of revelations from PAX East, so...
This is some Michael Bay contrast.

Wisdom of Nym: What we’re likely to see at Final Fantasy XIV’s PAX East 2024 panel

I realize at this point my general dislike of heading up to Boston for the annual haunted plague box that is PAX East is...
This is some Michael Bay contrast.

Wisdom of Nym: How long until Final Fantasy XIV’s next expansion based on patch 6.57?

I wasn't really thinking about Final Fantasy XIV's patch 6.57 in any real detail because... of course I wasn't. There are some things I...
I used to float; now I just fall down.

Wisdom of Nym: The franchise references in the world of Final Fantasy XIV

There's a fan theory circulating that Final Fantasy XIV is the nexus of the franchise multiverse. Essentially, the idea is that Hydaelyn and Zodiark...
What was I made for?

Vague Patch Notes: The real question every MMO has to answer

Why am I here? A lot of times I will slow-roll my column and lead to something unexpected, something that I am sure you are...
There is another shore, you know.

Final Fantasy XIV Tokyo Fan Festival: Pictomancer, lady Hrothgar, and release ambiguity

If you had been paying attention and looking forward to Final Fantasy XIV's third and final fan festival ahead of Dawntrail, you probably had...

Wisdom of Nym: What Final Fantasy XIV’s fan festival needs to accomplish

In just a few days, the last fan festival for Final Fantasy XIV's upcoming Dawntrail expansion will kick off, and on paper it looks...

New World’s Rise of the Angry Earth score nominated for Hollywood Music in Media award

New World composer Edouard Brenneisen is having a pretty great week, all things considered. He announced on Twitter that his recent score for Rise...

Final Fantasy XIV shares extra details of its October 31 Fall Guys collaboration event

Final Fantasy XIV fans already know that the world of Etheirys and the Blunderdome of Fall Guys will be coming together in October 31st's...
Coarse air.

Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival London reveals: Viper, zones, and Echoes of Vana’diel

It's time for more reveals for the Final Fantasy XIV fans in the audience as the London Fan Festival has begun, and that means...

Square-Enix sees $2B in stock value disappear and its team management scrutinized

The home of Final Fantasy has been sailing some rocky fiscal seas recently. As multiple outlets reported this past week, Square-Enix has seen its...
I'm sad!

Square-Enix Q1 2024: Overall profits and MMO sales drop as FFXVI underperforms

The latest earnings report for Square-Enix has been released for the period ending on June 30th, 2023, and it's good news for the company...
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Wisdom of Nym: So how will Final Fantasy XIV cross with Final Fantasy XVI?

At this point, Final Fantasy XIV has directly crossed over with three separate titles in the Final Fantasy franchise: Final Fantasy XI, Final Fantasy...