EVE Online kicks off its Capsuleer Day anniversary event and wraps up the next phase of Vanguard testing


Happy 21st birthday, EVE Online! You’re old enough to drink now! But before players head to their local package store, perhaps they’ll will want to mark the occasion in-game via the newly released Capsuleer Day events. And then afterwards they can raise up a favorite tipple if it’s legal for them to do so.

The Capsuleer Day festivities running between now and May 30th focus on diving into abyssal space once again to clear combat, exploration, and manufacturing challenges, while Triglavian and Drifter enemies await at some newly arrived collapsed conduits within. All of these activities grant various rewards like blueprints and filaments, while login rewards and Twitch drops are also on hand for players to collect.

Meanwhile, this past weekend saw the latest Vanguard FPS test go down, which once again offered unique rewards and brought on some new missions and mechanics. Details for the next Vanguard test haven’t been tied down yet, but this last test certainly appeared active if the leaderboards are any indicator.

source: official site (1, 2, 3)
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