EVE Vanguard’s latest playtest adds a mining laser, resource gathering, and suppression contracts


Playtesting for the EVE Vanguard module within EVE Online is continuing once more this weekend, and it’s bringing several new feature updates for those who join in on this next run of the shooter’s mostly public playtest (i.e., this still is only for EVE subscribers).

This current build of Vanguard introduces a new combat exosuit to help distinguish players from NPCs, a new mining laser for players to wield, and new mining contracts to take up. Speaking of new contracts, the test will also introduce salvage contracts and let players take up jobs for the suppression side of EVE’s overarching interstellar conflict for the first time, in addition to insurgency contracts. Finally, the new build has improvements to rewards, push-to-talk, and server performance, along with several bug fixes.

The test will run between now and Monday, March 25th, so subscribers who are eager to get their digital boots on the ground and gun down some other players can do so now. Or they can mine rocks; whatever floats your space boat.

sources: press release, official site
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