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XDefiant’s free-to-play launch recovers after initial matchmaking server issues

This week brought another competitive FPS game to the multiplayer world in the form of XDefiant, Ubisoft's swing at making a team vs. team...

Leaks spring forth from Valve’s new in-development competitive hero shooter Deadlock

Were you hoping that Valve would figure out how to count to three or address the long-suffering TF2 playerbase? Well, put those hopes down...

Marvel Rivals will revise content creator contract after streamers blast non-disparagement clause

"We'll let you be a supported streamer, but you're not allowed to say bad things about our game." That's effectively what NetEase's Marvel Rivals...
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Escape from Tarkov causes firestorm by locking PvE mode behind $250 special edition

Battlestate Games has decided that access to a PvE mode for its otherwise PvP-centric shooter Escape from Tarkov is worth a whole lot of...

Overwatch 2 ties its mythic skin shop to monetization as it focuses on the impact of ‘unapproved peripherals’

When Overwatch 2 launched its 10th season, one of the big ticket features was a mythic skin shop, but it decided not to divulge...

Battlefield 2042 confirms Season 7 is the shooter’s last as development focus shifts to the next title

We certainly hope that players of Battlefield 2042 are enjoying last month's Season 7 launch because it's going to be the last: Dice has...

Enlisted Reinforced quickly suspends Steam early access over pricing and technical issues

At the tail end of January, we reported on the WWII FPS Enlisted's plans to launch into Steam early access, complete with a new...

Valorant’s newest non-binary character is capable of messing with players even after death

Generally speaking, when your player character is gunned down in a Valorant match, that's it - you just have to sit there and spectate...

EVE Vanguard’s latest playtest adds a mining laser, resource gathering, and suppression contracts

Playtesting for the EVE Vanguard module within EVE Online is continuing once more this weekend, and it's bringing several new feature updates for those...

Overwatch 2 will fully unlock all heroes, test a new mode, and add a mythic skin shop in Season 10

If you were annoyed that earning new heroes in Overwatch 2 involved working through a battle pass, game director Aaron Keller has some good...

CRSD F.O.A.D. brings back Cuisine Royale mode, eases hero unlocks, and shrinks squad sizes in latest update

It's been a long time since we've had the battle royale shooter CRSD: F.O.A.D. cross our desk, so we think a bit of context...

Overwatch 2 makes a series of character tuning updates for its latest season

With Overwatch 2 now into its hero-changing ninth season, the devs of the PvP shooter have begun the process of tuning character balance in...

WWII FPS Enlisted arrives to Steam with an updated name and features in Q1 2024

You could be forgiven for thinking that the large-scale WWII multiplayer FPS Enlisted was already on Steam, but that turns out to not be...
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Overwatch 2 admits talking about self-healing early was ‘a mistake’ and promises further clarity soon

Overwatch 2 director Aaron Keller sent the shooter's community into a bit of a wobble earlier in the week when he discussed several gameplay...

Tribes 3 Rivals’ latest weekend playtest elicits additional mixed reactions from fans

This past weekend saw yet another playtest run for the team-based FPS Tribes 3: Rivals, with Hi-Rez's sub-studio Prophecy Games continuing to make tweaks...

CCP Games maps out six months of EVE Vanguard patches, feature updates, and testing

Did you miss out on the Vanguard FPS testing that was held in EVE Online? Worry not because CCP Games has a whole lot...

The Division 2 announces overhauls to PvE and PvP with its Project Resolve seasonal update

Ubisoft is full of determination, or at the very least resolve, as the studio has laid out plans for Project Resolve, a seasonal update...
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Overwatch 2 previews Season 8 balance adjustments and discusses quick play leave penalties

Overwatch 2 director Aaron Keller is once again talking about balance in his address to players, as the team vs. team shooter inches ever...
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Fortnite hints at a return of its Chapter 1 content on November 3

Do you yearn for the halcyon days of 2017 when Fortnite kicked off its very first season? If you're the sort of person who...

Overwatch 2 outlines upcoming character balancing, promises more ways to acquire popular skins

Season 7 is well and truly underway in Overwatch 2, which means that the developers are taking a look at player feedback and metrics...