Leaks spring forth from Valve’s new in-development competitive hero shooter Deadlock


Were you hoping that Valve would figure out how to count to three or address the long-suffering TF2 playerbase? Well, put those hopes down because it looks as if the developer — yes, it has developed games — is working on something new: a competitive third-person team vs. team shooter known as Deadlock.

Information of this new game sprang forth from YouTuber Tyler McVicker as well as NDA-breaking image shares on Twitter, which showcase a very rough draft 6v6 shooter that blends MOBA gameplay, tower defense elements, and hero-styled characters with a small suite of abilities.

According to McVicker, the game’s playtest currently has hundreds of people kicking its tires, while the game itself has been in development as far back as 2018. What hasn’t been tied down is any sort of release timing for this new game, so this all should probably remain in the rumor bin next to the salt grains until Valve decides to make some kind of announcement. Even if it’s a slow blink and a grunt. This company doesn’t do anything swiftly.

sources: YouTube and Twitter via Eurogamer
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