XDefiant’s free-to-play launch recovers after initial matchmaking server issues


This week brought another competitive FPS game to the multiplayer world in the form of XDefiant, Ubisoft’s swing at making a team vs. team arena shooter. The game’s initial announcement touted its fast pace, intense gunplay, and customizable loadouts, while also promising a player friendly free-to-play business model.

XDefiant’s initial launch didn’t dodge the usual bullet of tech issues unfortunately, as the game’s first moments of life were marred by matchmaking server problems all through the evening, until updates about problems stopped coming in as Ubisoft saw servers handling the load.

It would appear that the problems have since wrapped up, as the game’s Twitter account is now confident enough to start hawking its referral program and its founder’s packs twice in the same day. The end of matchmaking issues has also now left people to focus on the important things, like complaining about lag, game pace, and imbalance.

As of right now the shooter is in its first pre-season. which features a returning faction for players to join and several fixes for audio, network code, and more.

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