Overwatch 2 celebrates over 100M players, adds a new Push mode map, and preps a mythic weapon skin


The dawn of a new season is coming in Overwatch 2, bringing with it new rewards, one new map, and a little celebration of a sizeable player milestone when Season 11 launches on Thursday, June 20th.

The vast majority of new rewards are once again couched within the season’s battle pass, including a mythic Calamity Empress Ashe skin, the release of the first mythic weapon skin on July 23rd, and several legendary skins. Blizzard is further hawking battle pass sales by pushing goodies in the usual premium pass and a new ultimate battle pass bundle, though some skins can also be unlocked with mythic prisms as well.

Blizzard is also pushing another set of skin sales on June 25th, but this time it’s for a good cause: The Pink Mercy skin is back along with a new Rose Gold Mercy skin, with purchases benefiting the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. These are part of a wider celebration of over 100M players of Overwatch 2, which include the return of Community Crafted mode, login rewards, and Twitch Drops.

As for actually playable content, that’s highlighted by the introduction of a new Push mode map called Runasapi and new single-player hero mastery challenges for Kiriko and Soldier: 76. Players will remember that this is one of the last PvE content oases in the otherwise PvP shooter, as PvE gauntlet mastery mode was axed last season over supposed lack of interest.

Finally, Season 11 promises to bring a variety of buffs across all three of the shooter’s roles, a new flashbang for Cassidy that replaces his magnetic grenade, the removal of a glass pane on the Colosseo Push map, and the ability for players to catch up on a previous week’s challenges before taking on the current weeklies.

sources: press release, official site
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