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NetEase team shooter Marvel Rivals dates next cross-platform closed beta test for July 23

Team vs. team hero shooter Marvel Rivals continues to rumble forth through its testing phases. Readers will recall that NetEase announced that the game...

Anime hero shooter Second Wave and its developer shut down after a disastrous dev cycle

Over the course of last year, we had been reporting on Second Wave, an anime-styled hero shooter MOBA from developer Challengers Games that looked...
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Overwatch 2 welcomes Season 11 Super Mega Ultrawatch and its community crafted mode

Yesterday started Season 11 in Overwatch 2, but if you're the sort of person who prefers hard facts over a fluffy overview dev blog,...

Overwatch 2 celebrates over 100M players, adds a new Push mode map, and preps a mythic weapon skin

The dawn of a new season is coming in Overwatch 2, bringing with it new rewards, one new map, and a little celebration of...

The Stream Team: How is Gigantic’s Rampage Edition doing?

It's been some time since the shooter MOBA Gigantic returned to us in the form of the Rampage Edition, which means it's high time...

SGF 2024: FragPunk is a 5v5 hero shooter from NetEase featuring power-up cards that ‘bend the rules of combat’

It's a widely held belief that competitive team shooters must achieve a perfect sense of balance, tuning weapons, abilities, maps, and mechanics in a...

Concord is a team vs team FPS that promises approachable but deep gameplay

Evidently game studios smell Overwatch 2's blood in the water because we've got yet another addition to the team vs. team hero shooter sub-genre....

Marvel Rivals confirms launch on Xbox and PS5, two new characters, and a multi-platform beta in July

NetEase's team vs. team shooter Marvel Rivals is spreading its wings to new horizons, as the shooter has just announced that it will be...

Marvel Rivals will revise content creator contract after streamers blast non-disparagement clause

"We'll let you be a supported streamer, but you're not allowed to say bad things about our game." That's effectively what NetEase's Marvel Rivals...

Marvel Rivals discusses adding environmental destruction to a competitive shooter

Generally speaking, the maps of a team vs. team shooter are static; you can blast all of the buildings you want, but they'll be...
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Gigantic patches out crashes and bugs, promises ranked mode’s release soon

Ever since Gigantic made its bumpy return, developer Abstraction has been attempting to provide the TLC our PvP columnist Sam feels it seriously needs....

League of Legends asserts that its new anti-cheat tech isn’t bricking player PCs

Earlier this week saw patch 14.9 roll out to League of Legends, which included the release of Vanguard, Riot's bespoke kernel-level anti-cheat program. Unfortunately,...

Overwatch 2 ties its mythic skin shop to monetization as it focuses on the impact of ‘unapproved peripherals’

When Overwatch 2 launched its 10th season, one of the big ticket features was a mythic skin shop, but it decided not to divulge...

Gigantic hands out goodies and preps a double XP weekend as compensation for server issues

Last week, the shooter MOBA Gigantic promised a compensation package for fans as an apology for its rickety relaunch. This week, those fans now...
I Am Jack's Total Lack of Surprise

LawBreakers fans have created an emulator – with Cliff Bleszinski’s stamp of approval

Do you miss Boss Key Productions' team vs. team FPS LawBreakers? If you're among those who were left twisting in the wind after its...

Overwatch 2 premieres a new trailer for its April 16 Season 10 update

For the past several weeks, Overwatch 2 has been highlighting the variety of features that are en route with its April 16th Season 10...

Gigantic readies another attempt at a server fix and plans a compensation package for players

Gigantic continues to unfortunately be caught in the throes of server-related launch problems, but Arc Games and Abstraction believe that they may have a...
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MOBA shooter Gigantic officially resurrects as the Rampage Edition – here are the patch notes

If you were among the many fans who were holding a candle for the third-person MOBA shooter Gigantic, then your faith has been rewarded...

Multiplayer medieval fantasy brawler Warhaven has officially sunsetted

Pour one out for the medieval warriors who were fighting it up in the fantasy world of Warhaven, including but not limited to Crud...

Gigantic Rampage Edition throws a spotlight over the second previously unreleased character Kajir

Fans are just over a week away from the resurrection of shooter MOBA Gigantic in the form of the Rampage Edition, which means there's...