LawBreakers fans have created an emulator – with Cliff Bleszinski’s stamp of approval

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Do you miss Boss Key Productions’ team vs. team FPS LawBreakers? If you’re among those who were left twisting in the wind after its 2018 shutdown, then you’ll perhaps be delighted to learn that fans have come together to make a functional emulator of the game in the form of The RELB Project.

According to information posted in the emu’s Discord, the emulator devs have no other objectives beyond making the game playable once again. Currently the emu is in a public testing phase – so sayeth the FAQ – with the most recent test running yesterday.

What’s more, this emulation project has received the stamp of approval from former lead dev Cliff Bleszinski; he’s promoted the Discord and streamers who are playing the emulated shooter. Readers might recall that the abrasive developer had expressed his interest in reviving the game but wasn’t interested in actually running it, meaning this emu has made his wish come true – so long as Nexon doesn’t come for fans’ kneecaps, anyway.

For those who are interested in hopping in, the Discord server is where the most up-to-date information will be housed, including links to a launcher download; the project’s website appears to be mostly abandoned.

sources: Twitter (1, 2), Discord. Cheers, Hikari!
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