Cliff Bleszinski now claims LawBreakers failed because it was ‘too woke’

Does this word mean something different to you?

Well, that’s it, everyone. Shut it down. The English language had a pretty good run, but it’s over now. Cliff Bleszinski, also known as “Cliffy B,” also known as “Dude Huge,” not actually known as “Blast Hardcheese” for some reason, has declared that the reason for LawBreakers failing was that it was “too woke.” Words no longer mean anything; you can just sort of put them together in any combination, and context is meaningless.

For those of you not up to date, “woke” in this context means “willing to acknowledge that women, people of color, LGBT people, and so forth exist as people with wishes and desires and not solely as objects to be fetishized.” You know, the thing that LawBreakers’ main competitor (in the sense that the New York Yankees consider a local tee-ball Little League team their competitor) has actually tried to be. Not always successfully, sure, but there is actual a variety of character designs, types, orientations, backgrounds, ethnicities, and so forth.

So Cliffy B – who expert rememberers will recall literally marketed his game as being diametrically opposed to that title – is now claiming that LawBreakers failed because it was “too woke,” and it would have been more successful if he hadn’t refused to make the female characters sexier. These are actual words that a human being wrote. Rest in peace, English (550 CE – 2020 CE). Maybe now Esperanto has a shot.

But, hey, what the heck, here’s a roundup of some of our top coverage of LawBreakers and its short-lived successor, Radical Heights. Just remember that by the man’s own words, it wasn’t the long development phases under Nexon, launch issues, game balance, price, telling the press to fuck off, or accusing Epic of poaching that shuttered the game and studio. Nope. It was being “too woke.”

Source: VG24/7
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