LawBreakers player numbers are below the top 100 for Steam games


Launches are vital to a new game. LawBreakers appears to be having some issues with its launch, and unfortunately they’re not the sort that can be patched away. The game’s peak concurrent users from launch on Steam appear to have topped out around 3,000 players, well outside of Steam’s top 100 games played and far below its (already rather low) 7,500 player peak during its first open beta.

This is a pretty significant hurdle to overcome; for a title relying heavily on exposure and other players, lacking that initial burst of visibility for new players to come check things out can cripple a game out of the gate. That gets even worse when you consider that the game is not free-to-play and thus requires an initial investment, which means that anyone looking into the game would first want to know if people are playing. Of course, none of this takes into account the console community, which might be far more robust; it’s just that the numbers on the PC do not look good despite positive reviews.

Source: GitHyp via VG24/7
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