Black Desert: The Guardian awakens, Valentine’s Day begins, and players raise money for charity


If you happened to miss our Desert Oasis piece on Black Desert’s Guardian awakening last week, today is the day to get caught up, as Pearl Abyss and Kakao have patched it in for everyone as of today. Yes, your very own baby Guardian can officially awaken today with her even bigger and more badass axe, and that also means the second wave of level up events is live too.

If you’re not a Guardian person, then heads up for other updates heading to PC today: the return of Cliff’s Weapons and the start of the Valentine’s Day festivities, the latter of which run the majority of February.

Mobile player? We covered the new Field of Valor content yesterday too.

Meanwhile, both companies have today announced a new charity initiative to urge player contributions to those affected by both the fires ravaging Australia and the recent earthquake in Turkey.

“Via an in-game event, players can help raise funds that will be donated to charities dedicated to providing aid for these disasters. This worldwide event will be available in all regions that the game is currently available in and will run until February 19th. By completing in-game tasks, players can raise up to ₩ 100,000,000 (~$84,000/€76,000), that will be donated by Pearl Abyss to help victims of these disasters.”

The charity destinations for this money will apparently be announced later.

Source: Patch notes

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Ive been having a dilemma trying to decide which platform to play on. I’ve got a great PC and it runs and looks nice.. but the community on PC is very aged and I’d feel like im always going to be behind.

I love playing on my xbox on the couch and feels much better… but its lacking the class I want to play.. which is guardian… so im sitting in limbo waiting to decide what to do..

Hikari Kenzaki

Sprout of Life is cute and shiny. And hey, it’s 10m silver to a good cause. Why not?


Guardian looks great and I wanted to get her a set of soft-cap (tet) boss weapons – and then suddenly realized it’ll be a wasted effort: there is no co-op with matchmaking while solo mob grind becomes unfathomably boring in under 30 minutes. Not to mention how there are much better games for soloing without a ~$500 effort to get proper equipment (a set of tet boss weapon cost is an equivalent of selling $500 worth costumes from totally pay-for-convenience BDO shop).


As always the journey is more important than the destination. Whether that’s grinding out scripted matchmade dungeon content in a themepark game until RNG finally drops the item you want and you win the roll on it or grinding out hordes of enemies for silver so you can buy your end game items like in a sandbox like game such as BDO it’s all the same principle.

You don’t need to prop up some sort of scapegoat to blame like the cash shop as a justification of why you don’t find that journey particularly interesting. I’m sitting on over 10+ billion right now and could outright buy fully enhanced versions of the weapons you’re talking about and I never had to spend a single dollar and I earned all of it doing content I enjoy (and that wasn’t grinding).

The concept of “better” games is weird, as what people find fun or interesting is extremely subjective.