valentines day 2020

The Stream Team: Investigating Valentine’s Day in Secret World Legends

What better Valentine's gift for Massively OP's MJ than adding a new mission in her favorite game? And her favorite kind of mission at...

The Stream Team: Valentine’s Day means helping heckbugs find love in Trove

What are your plans for Valentine's Day? Massively OP's MJ will be helping some heckbugs find true love in Trove! The so-ugly-they-are-cute critters are...

The Daily Grind: What’s the best MMO for duoing in 2020?

Appropriate topic for Valentine's Day, right? I mean, sure, you could go get reservations and pay through the nose for expensive dinner along with...

Black Desert patches in Witch and Wizard succession skills, plus a wacky bee event

Apiphobes should stay the heck away from Black Desert right about now, as the PC version of the game is under siege by bees....

Valentine’s Day 2020 across the MMO universe

Per tradition, we've been covering the launch of Valentine's Day events in MMOs and MMORPGs over the last couple of weeks, but tomorrow is...

The Stream Team: Heroes and hearts aplenty in AdventureQuest 3D

Are you a hero? Do you have a heart? The come join Massively OP's MJ for AQ3D's Heroes Heart Day event. There is a...

DC Universe Online and Skyforge detail their Valentine’s Day seasonal events

Whether you're a god-like being in DC Universe Online or an actual god in Skyforge, there's a way for you to celebrate the season...

Find your soulmate in Secret World Legends and Anarchy Online

It's love amid Lovecraftian terror and alien worlds, if Funcom has anything to say about it. Both Secret World Legends and Anarchy Online have...
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The Daily Grind: Which MMO puts on the best Valentine’s Day?

Valentine's Day tends to be one of the stranger holidays for MMO developers to try to shoehorn into their game worlds. It can be...

PlanetSide 2 celebrates Valentine’s Day, hypes Escalation

Admittedly, there probably aren't many ways a game like PlanetSide 2 can mark a holiday around love like Valentine's Day other than let players...

RuneScape adjusts War’s Retreat and asks players to help King Slime find love

Just because you're a gelatinous mass of awful material doesn't mean you don't deserve love, and it's up to RuneScape players to help that...

RIFT and ArcheAge outline their respective Valentine’s Day events

The season of love (or at least mutually beneficial teamwork long enough for everyone to get rewards and then never speak of the pairing...

Warframe releases its new Kuva Lich improvements and brings back its Valentine’s event

The much-maligned (according to player survey results) Kuva Lich content in Warframe has gotten its first tune-up. Kuva Lich improvements have arrived to all...

Destiny 2’s Crimson Days Valentine’s event arrives on February 11

For one week, the Guardians of Destiny 2 are going to be celebrating love. Or, at least, "the bond that Guardians share on the...

EverQuest II brings back its Valentine’s Day event with a new quest and new rewards

The season of love has arrived to EverQuest II once again. It's Erollisi Day and this year's event is promising some new quest rewards,...
Someone will get that reference.

Final Fantasy XI adds Siren for Summoners in the next version update

Sorry, folks, but you will not be able to stay away from the next update to Final Fantasy XI. You might want to, you might have...

Black Desert: The Guardian awakens, Valentine’s Day begins, and players raise money for charity

If you happened to miss our Desert Oasis piece on Black Desert's Guardian awakening last week, today is the day to get caught up,...

City of Heroes’ Homecoming buffs tanks and Masterminds, begins the Spring Fling

I hate pet classes. Always have, always will. I'm barely able to stand them save for the Railmaster's pet train in Torchlight Fro--, er,...
Love is in the air, everywhere I look around~

Final Fantasy XIV previews this year’s dressed-up Valentione’s Day event

As it was in every prior year of Final Fantasy XIV, Lisette de Valentione has arrived once more to celebrate the holiday of Valentione's Day...