Warframe releases its new Kuva Lich improvements and brings back its Valentine’s event


The much-maligned (according to player survey results) Kuva Lich content in Warframe has gotten its first tune-up. Kuva Lich improvements have arrived to all platforms this week, bringing some noteworthy twaks to make the content better overall as well as a few new additions to the game itself.

These tweaks were previewed during a devstream, but just in case you forgot, this update adjusts the missed killing blow attempt of a Lich to no longer end in a forced death, replaces Valence Transfer with Valence Fusion, and adds a preview of the weapon that will arrive with a Kuva Lich when a Kuva Larvling is downed. Speaking of Kuva weapons, there are some new ones in the form of the Kuva Bramm bow, the Kuva Hind burst rifle, and a Kuva Nukor.

The update is also bringing the Skathi variant of the Ivara Frame, some new augment mods, a Corbu Shawzin guitar in the Market, and some Tennogen bundles and Empyrean fixes for console players. Valentine’s Day has also arrived to Warframe with the return of the Heart of the Ordis event which brings back several thematic items and offers a 50% discount to bows, crossbows, and arrow skins in the Market.

source: official site (1, 2), cheers Sophiskiai!
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