New World discusses character design from concept to creation, continues Fellowship and Fire PTR testing

The latest episode of New World's Forged in Aeternum is one for the artists in the audience, as Amazon game designer Rachel Barnum sits...

Vitae Aeternum: Previewing New World’s first season and updated 2023 roadmap

Last week, Amazon Games invited members of the press to a presentation where it unveiled its plans for a new seasonal content model for...
That's a road! Wait, no, it's a weapon. Similar, I guess.

New World posts 2023 roadmap, plans changes for Winter Convergence and territory control

Your winter holiday present this year from New World is... a roadmap! No, really, an actual roadmap! Yes, the roadmap is covered in a...

Aion unleashes the Pumpkin King and new Empyrean Lords

There's no time of the year that pumpkins take more of a beating than October, but perhaps it wouldn't happen so much if the...
Trick Angels.

Final Fantasy XI brings stronger armor and new foes with today’s version update

The October version update has arrived for Final Fantasy XI, and it brings with it no new story this month but plenty for players...

Final Fantasy XI plans on more Sortie and Ambuscade content for its October update

If you're a big fan of the Voracious Resurgence storyline in Final Fantasy XI, we're sorry to tell you that October's version update will...

TennoCon 2022: Mount up and delve deep into Warframe’s Duviri Paradox

The path of a paradox is not a straight line. At the close of the 2019 TennoLive broadcast, Warframe players saw their first glimpse...

Aion NA adds a wardrobe system, a normal version of Heart of Apsaranta, and several dungeon tweaks

Good news for Daevas with a passion for fashion: The NA version of Aion is bringing a wardrobe function in the 8.2 update, which...

Aion NA teases an early May release for 8.2 and its new wardrobe system

Aion fans in North America are gearing up for the game's next update, 8.2, which is set to launch early next month. What's in...

Aion NA gets updates to Apsaranta, new missions, and a new instance in 8.1 update

The North American version of MMORPG Aion has released its 8.1 update, bringing along some new things for players to do, whether it's completing...

Final Fantasy XI adds a new high-end battlefield against a deific dragon

Feel like the fight against Shinryu in Final Fantasy XI is too easy these days with all of the new gear and improvements players...

Grab a Conqueror’s Blade Empyrean armor bundle key from My.Games and MOP

It's a whole new year in hybrid MMO Conqueror's Blade right now, with ranked battles and season VI upon us, and in celebration, My.Games...

Why WB Games should make a new Asheron’s Call game in 2021+: The lore

So we recently brought up how Asheron's Call 2 died twice during the winter seasons, with the second one being a double funeral with the original...

Warframe of Mind: A history of TennoCon reveals, from The War Within to Heart of Deimos

I don't know about you, but there was a certain sadness hanging in the air on July 11th as I sat home instead of...

Warframe of Mind: Looking back at Warframe’s lucky seventh year

In our first Warframe anniversary retrospective in 2019, we covered everything from the beginning up through the shooter's sixth birthday. For the lucky seventh...

Warframe releases its new Kuva Lich improvements and brings back its Valentine’s event

The much-maligned (according to player survey results) Kuva Lich content in Warframe has gotten its first tune-up. Kuva Lich improvements have arrived to all...

Destiny 2 elaborates on the Empyrean Foundation quest and shows off Twitch Prime goodies

Bungie's weekly update post is once more chock full of information, and this week it's focused on the next major quest due for the...
Same hat.

Datamining hints at a return of the Trials of Osiris PvP mode to Destiny 2

It would seem that the latest update to Destiny 2 had some tasty veins of data to mine. Dataminers of the multiplayer shooter who...

Warframe previews Odalisk, promises to improve Kuva Liches

Warframe's Devstream 136 was once more packed with plenty for fans of the action shooter to soak in. There was survey results to share,...

Warframe roundup: Empyrean on Switch, Digital Extremes philanthropy, and a 1M follower celebratory livestream

All right, there's a whole lot of Warframe stuff going on right now, so let's get right to it, bullet point style. Nintendo Switch...