Aion Classic is granting sub benefits to North American players for a whole month


Aion Classic is having a bit of a moment this spring. It finally launched for European players, and then the North American branch launched a new class and zone just a week ago. NCsoft is now sweetening the deal, at least for North Americans, by essentially granting everyone sub benefits for an entire month, which is… kind of a lot.

“As a show of gratitude for your support, we are extending the ‘Free Siel’s Aura Benefits’ event period for another 28 days and are planning some post-update improvements,” the studio says. “Our goal is to reduce the burden of growth for new players and to better facilitate a quicker transition toward endgame content. We are preparing these changes sequentially and will keep you updated on the progress.” That means sub bennies through June 13th.

Savvy readers will likely know that Aion’s Siel’s Aura is fairly essential to play, as the truly free-to-play version of the game is extremely limiting. Indeed, the business model has always been one of the community’s chief complaints with the game.

NCsoft further notes it’s planning a number of quality-of-life fixes, including an ensmallening of the Empyrean Agent battle, easier access to Elite Centurion armor boxes, fixes for the Telos Dragon Lord’s Thrones raid, and “a revamp for overall growth paths and missions to allow all players to progress faster.”

Source: Aion
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