EG7 Q1 2023: EG7 pulled in a record $54M last quarter, and Daybreak is a huge chunk of it


Enad Global 7 aka EG7, the company that owns Daybreak, Standing Stone Games, and Piranha Games and is effectively still being run by Daybreak leadership, had a very good quarter at the top of 2023.

The company reports that its Q1 revenues soared to $54M US, a 43% jump over Q1 2022 once the Innova sale is excised from the accounting. A significant portion of those revenues can be laid at the feet of Big Blue Bubble’s My Singing Monsters, which captured my kids’ attention for one whole day. EG7 also says Piranha’s Mechwarrior franchise drove that studio to its “best quarter ever,” owning largely to MechWarrior 5’s latest DLC.

But of course, it’s the MMORPGs we care about here, and Daybreak’s still doing quite well. “Daybreak’s stable business of live games continue to delivered [sic],” EG7 says. Daybreak (and SSG) brought in 42% of the gaming-related revenues for the company in Q1 ($19M US). That’s down about 5% for Daybreak by itself compared to Q1 2022.

“Notable highlights during the quarter for Game Segment included Daybreak’s EverQuest celebrating its 24-year anniversary and DC Universe Online reaching its 12-year mark,” says Acting CEO Ji Ham. “Next year will be a huge milestone with EverQuest hitting a quarter-century mark and EverQuest 2 turning 20.” (PlanetSide also turns 20 years old this week as celebrated in PS2 but is not mentioned. Lord of the Rings Online is not expressly mentioned in the reports beyond the reference to the franchise, but of course it’s also expecting an expansion later this year.)

“Daybreak has been the biggest contributor to Net Revenue and profitability historically but with My Singing Monsters’ elevated performance, Daybreak results came in second behind Big Blue Bubble this quarter.”

It’s weird to think of Daybreak positively, but here we are.

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