Daybreak’s $300M sale to EG7 is all wrapped up just in time for Christmas


Just days before Christmas, one of the biggest MMORPG studio deals this year has fully completed. Enad Global 7 announced that it closed the deal and finalized payment for its acquisition of Daybreak Game Company for $300 million. So as of December 22nd, Daybreak is now under EG7’s umbrella.

This doesn’t mean that EG7 snapped up every share of Daybreak remaining, however: “Following the transaction, Daybreak‚Äôs former main owner Jason Epstein will hold approximately 10 percent and the other former shareholders of Daybreak will together hold approximately 3 percent of the total number of outstanding shares and votes in EG7.”

This stunning deal was first revealed back at the start of December along with an incredible wealth of details about Daybreak and its games. These details included confirmation of the ownership of Standing Stone Games (and both Lord of the Rings Online and Dungeons and Dragons Online), DC Universe Online’s huge popularity, the holding of a Marvel license, and EverQuest’s dominance over its sequel.

Daybreak’s sale to Enad Global 7 won our MMO story of the year alongside of COVID’s impact on game development.

Source: Enad Global 7. Thanks so much, Wilhelm!
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