EG7’s acting CEO Ji Ham discusses investment in existing Daybreak games and support of a ‘AAA project’


Last week we noted that Enad Global 7’s acting CEO Ji Ham, who himself was tapped for the position in a surprise management shake-up, would be answering questions about his new position as well as plans for the company in a video presentation. That video is now available for viewing, and if you were holding your breath for straight-talking insight, you might want to reconsider your decision.

Ham’s answers almost breathlessly talked about EG7’s plan for more acquisition, more investment, and more investor value while giving vague timetables, noting that the company will be “focusing on strategic investments” while working alongside studio management instead of providing top-down management. He also talked about the company’s plan to launch more products, with an unnamed AAA project used as an example. Details of this new game were thin, but Ham did briefly mention it will be tied to a licensed property.

Ham talked further about plans to invest more in current acquisitions also, pointing out that they were “under-invested under Daybreak leadership” and promising that these older games would receive “additional resources, both people-wise as well as capital.” Specifically, he calls out DC Universe Online and Lord of the Rings Online as games that will get some form of extra support from EG7, along with Evil vs. Evil, a vampiric single-player/multiplayer FPS that promises “community-driven storytelling and weekly releases” according to a video from developer Toadman Interactive.

What isn’t said speaks almost as loudly as what was said by Ham, however. For example, there was almost no mention of what happened with Cold Iron Studios or why Robin Flodin was ousted at the end of August. If you’ve got about 30 minutes to light on fire, the full presentation is below.

source: YouTube
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