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MechWarrior Online rebrands as MWO: Legends, crams a new tier of Mech and mini battle pass into cash shop bundles

Piranha Games is heralding "a new dawn" for its giant robot battling MMO MechWarrior Online, as it rebrands the game from MWO: Solaris 7...

Escape from Tarkov names-and-shames thousands of cheaters in a Google doc

Ah, welcome to Friday evening, folks, and a video game doing a little bit o' name-and-shame on some dastardly cheaters. The game is multiplayer shooter...

MechWarrior Online launches custom platinum collection creation, tweaks existing maps and gameplay

Sure, you can purchase bright n' shiny platinum 'Mechs for MechWarrior Online, but what if none of the chassis on offer are your favorite...

MechWarrior Online readies seasonal Winterfest along withs today’s Hatcheman update

Today heralds the arrival of the Hatchetman - aka the melee-minded robot without any melee-specific mechanics - to the online battlefield of MechWarrior Online,...

MechWarrior Online is adding the Hatchetman… but not adding melee

It is deeply amusing to note that the first question about the addition of the Hatchetman to MechWarrior Online's lineup is "does this mean...

The MOP Up: SWTOR spins a Bounty Hunter yarn

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, it was nearly your bedtime and Star Wars: The Old Republic sat down next...

MechWarrior Online reworks its Terra Therma map, adds more shiny ‘Mechs, and readies annual reward handouts

When a volcano has what's referred to as a "supermassive" eruption, you can be pretty certain that the event will have changed the landscape....

AdventureQuest 3D, Paladins, and MechWarrior Online welcome Halloween events

The season of Halloween continues to creep across the entirety of our corner of gaming, and we're here to once again keep up with...

Record-setting data center fire disrupts some of Kakao’s online games (and its stock value)

Most of our readers aren't in South Korea or reading South Korean news, so the huge story there about a data center fire in...

MechWarrior Online releases a new version of the Terra Therma map in its latest update

If you're a regular player of MechWarrior Online, you might have some feelings about the map known as Terra Therma. In the online 'Mech...

MechWarrior Online details the rewards program goodies being handed out to players for 2022

If you're a regular player of MechWarrior Online or have made some specific cash shop purchases, you've got some good news to look forward...

EG7 Q2 2022: Daybreak’s Jason Epstein is now chairman of the board

Remember a year ago when the Enad Global 7 board ousted CEO and co-founder Robin Flodin and replaced him - temporarily and in an...
Screw you, trees.

MechWarrior Online adds even more shiny ‘Mechs and makes further quirk and weapon tweaks

You'd be forgiven for thinking that the patch notes for MechWarrior Online are kind of entering Groundhog Day levels of repetition, particularly since the...

MechWarrior Online releases more platinum ‘Mechs and adjusts several skill tree nodes

It's all about skill trees and shiny robots in the latest update for MechWarrior Online as it introduces another round of shiny platinum robots...

The Game Archaeologist: The origins of Blizzard, Mythic, Funcom, SOE, and BioWare

A good origin story always captivates me, especially when it gives me a new perspective on something I've come to appreciate over the years....

MechWarrior Online brings the Crusader chassis and the promised new Vitric Station map tomorrow

It always feels good when a game dev nails its promised release target, and developer Piranha Games has done just that with regards to...

MechWarrior Online outlines known issues in its recent update and plans to fix them

For those who are experiencing problems with an update that released earlier this week to MechWarrior Online, know that developer Piranha Games is aware...

MechWarrior Online delays map updates to June, outlines feature updates set for May

Are you hungry for some new maps to take your ambulatory nuclear tank robot for walkies in MechWarrior Online? Regrettably, the devs have to...

MechWarrior Online’s latest patch adjusts weapons and equipment, makes a quirk pass, adds shiny ‘Mechs

The devs of the online big bot battler MechWarrior Online continue to turn the knobs of the title's gameplay. In the latest patch, players...

The MOP Up: Star Citizen tests in-flight refueling

Star Citizen's nigh-endless list of things to accomplish before launch may be crossing off one of these with this month's alpha build. The "Fueling...