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The Game Archaeologist: The origins of Blizzard, Mythic, Funcom, SOE, and BioWare

A good origin story always captivates me, especially when it gives me a new perspective on something I've come to appreciate over the years....

MechWarrior Online brings the Crusader chassis and the promised new Vitric Station map tomorrow

It always feels good when a game dev nails its promised release target, and developer Piranha Games has done just that with regards to...

MechWarrior Online outlines known issues in its recent update and plans to fix them

For those who are experiencing problems with an update that released earlier this week to MechWarrior Online, know that developer Piranha Games is aware...

MechWarrior Online delays map updates to June, outlines feature updates set for May

Are you hungry for some new maps to take your ambulatory nuclear tank robot for walkies in MechWarrior Online? Regrettably, the devs have to...

MechWarrior Online’s latest patch adjusts weapons and equipment, makes a quirk pass, adds shiny ‘Mechs

The devs of the online big bot battler MechWarrior Online continue to turn the knobs of the title's gameplay. In the latest patch, players...

The MOP Up: Star Citizen tests in-flight refueling

Star Citizen's nigh-endless list of things to accomplish before launch may be crossing off one of these with this month's alpha build. The "Fueling...

MechWarrior Online adds the Emerald Vale map and Bloodname ‘Mechs in latest update

There's been a new update to the online multiplayer of MechWarrior Online, bringing some new stuff for players to check out, and one of...

MechWarrior Online’s 2022 ‘flexible’ roadmap outlines new maps, ‘Mechs, and events

There are asterisks practically plastered all over an announcement post from MechWarrior Online - phrases like "subject to change," "flexible," and "largely dependent on...

LOTRO Legendarium: OK, let’s talk about Lord of the Rings Online on console

I'll admit it: When EG7 acquired Daybreak back in 2020, I was very dismissive of the report that mentioned a console edition for Lord...

EG7 Q3 2021: Daybreak revives Marvel MMORPG, still promising console and gfx upgrade for LOTRO

Enad Global 7, the company that bought Daybreak just about a year ago, has now dropped its Q3 2021 financial report. Just one quarter...

MechWarrior Online showcases a new map and future update plans, promises code of conduct review after transgender banning row

MechWarrior Online made headlines at the beginning of October for all of the wrong reasons after developer Piranha Games banned and then unbanned players...
Robot time.

MechWarrior Online restores trans-focused team names after uproar over name changes and suspensions

We're just going to go ahead and offer a free tip for moderation teams across the MMO sphere: Banning people just for expressing support...

MechWarrior Online is tweaking weapons, chassis, and a map as MechWarrior 5 unveils its next expansion

Tomorrow will see a fresh update to the online Mech battler MechWarrior Online, bringing with it some revamps, reworks, and tweaks including a new...

The MOP Up: Swords ‘n Magic and Stuff moves into houses

Swords 'n Magic and Stuff is constructing its housing update this month on September 17th! The devs talked about the Farm 'n Forge update...

Jump into a mech and blast some ‘bots in Galahad 3093’s open beta

Fans of MechWarrior and BattleTech should have Galahad 3093 on their radar, especially since the upcoming online shooter is launching a one-week open beta...

MechWarrior 5 Mercenaries stomps its way to Xbox, GOG, and Steam today with cross-platform multiplayer

Yes, we're looking at the single-player/multiplayer game of MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries, but it's still a game worth noting considering all of its ties to...

EG7 Q1 2021: The Daybreak MMOs are headed to the 4Game platform

The buyout of Daybreak by Swedish games company Enad Global 7 was one of the biggest MMO stories of 2020, and it's remained a...

Mechwarrior 5 Mercenaries fully launches on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox X/S May 27

The Mechwarrior franchise has been back in MMO news a bunch lately, first with the revitalization of the MMO Mechwarrior Online and second with...

EG7 addresses the Daybreak buyout, says EG7 is ‘evaluating’ H1Z1 and Just Survive

As promised, Enad Global 7 has released a community update specifically to address the future of games under Daybreak - something lots of folks...

Daybreak’s owner Enad Global 7 acquires MMORPG publisher Innova for $109M

Enad Global 7 is once again in the news for us here at MOP with yet another buyout, this time regarding its February 25th...