MechWarrior Online releases a new version of the Terra Therma map in its latest update


If you’re a regular player of MechWarrior Online, you might have some feelings about the map known as Terra Therma. In the online ‘Mech battler’s upcoming patch, that classic map is making a comeback after numerous player requests.

The map has reportedly been altered from its original state though the patch notes don’t elaborate on just what’s different. That said, it’s still very much the volcanic cavern-filled battlefield that MWO players know, so make sure to have plenty of heat sinks locked into your chassis.

Other features of the patch include another series of ‘Mechs added to the Platinum Collection, some further tweaks to existing ‘Mech quirks, lowered heat for the ER medium laser, and a fix for the hyper color issue on the Vitric Forge map. The patch should be available on Tuesday, September 20th, but the patch notes are online now.

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