mechwarrior online

Official Site: MechWarrior Online
Studio: Piranha Games
Launch Date: September 17, 2013
Genre: Mecha OFPS
Business Model: F2P (Cash Shop)
Platform: PC

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This. They're this.

Massively Overthinking: Pervasive old MMO ideas that aren’t really true

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MechWarrior Online adds more legendary mechs and gear tweaks in latest update

This Tuesday, September 19th, will see the introduction of another bundle of updates to the team-based mech PvP battler MechWarrior Online, and much of...

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MechWarrior Online makes adjustments to weapons, quirks, and Mechs

MechWarrior Online has put together another new update, and once again it's leading off that update with cash shop items, with the opening of...

EG7 Q1 2023: EG7 pulled in a record $54M last quarter, and Daybreak is a huge chunk of it

Enad Global 7 aka EG7, the company that owns Daybreak, Standing Stone Games, and Piranha Games and is effectively still being run by Daybreak...

MechWarrior Online Legends adds two more legendary mechs, tweaks maps, and adjusts chassis quirks

Last month, Piranha Games made some big changes to MechWarrior Online, specifically renaming it to MWO: Legends and selling new legendary mechs that have...

The Stream Team: Live fire training in MechWarrior Online aka MWO: Legends

Sometimes you learn by doing, and sometimes you learn how to fight by getting knocked down. A lot. MOP's Chris is nowhere close enough...

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The Stream Team: Strapping in to the command couch for the first time in MechWarrior Online

MOP's Chris has been a fan of the MechWarrior games for many many years now, but for some reason he has never actually played...

MechWarrior Online rebrands as MWO: Legends, crams a new tier of Mech and mini battle pass into cash shop bundles

Piranha Games is heralding "a new dawn" for its giant robot battling MMO MechWarrior Online, as it rebrands the game from MWO: Solaris 7...

Escape from Tarkov names-and-shames thousands of cheaters in a Google doc

Ah, welcome to Friday evening, folks, and a video game doing a little bit o' name-and-shame on some dastardly cheaters. The game is multiplayer shooter...

MechWarrior Online launches custom platinum collection creation, tweaks existing maps and gameplay

Sure, you can purchase bright n' shiny platinum 'Mechs for MechWarrior Online, but what if none of the chassis on offer are your favorite...

MechWarrior Online readies seasonal Winterfest along withs today’s Hatcheman update

Today heralds the arrival of the Hatchetman - aka the melee-minded robot without any melee-specific mechanics - to the online battlefield of MechWarrior Online,...

MechWarrior Online is adding the Hatchetman… but not adding melee

It is deeply amusing to note that the first question about the addition of the Hatchetman to MechWarrior Online's lineup is "does this mean...

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MechWarrior Online reworks its Terra Therma map, adds more shiny ‘Mechs, and readies annual reward handouts

When a volcano has what's referred to as a "supermassive" eruption, you can be pretty certain that the event will have changed the landscape....

AdventureQuest 3D, Paladins, and MechWarrior Online welcome Halloween events

The season of Halloween continues to creep across the entirety of our corner of gaming, and we're here to once again keep up with...

Record-setting data center fire disrupts some of Kakao’s online games (and its stock value)

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