MechWarrior Online rebrands as MWO: Legends, crams a new tier of Mech and mini battle pass into cash shop bundles

Pay to do almost anything new


Piranha Games is heralding “a new dawn” for its giant robot battling MMO MechWarrior Online, as it rebrands the game from MWO: Solaris 7 to MWO: Legends instead, complete with lots of new content updates in its next patch and through 2023. Also, the game has a spiffy new logo.

“Although Solaris lives on in Event Queue, it doesn’t represent the game in general, the changes we’ve made over the last couple of years, or the direction MWO is heading this year and next,” the studio explains. The new name is more than just a visual change, as the studio is also promising new maps, new weapon types, and a new legendary tier of Mech variants on offer, as well as continue improvements to maps, matchmaking, and existing chassis.

The first of these rebranded updates arrives in the game’s March 21st patch, which will introduce the first two legendary Mechs in the form of the Juggernaught [sic] Fafnir and the Moonwalker Mad Cat Mk II. Legendary Mechs will have distinct features like a custom paint job, an “outlier” quirk, and a 30% C-Bill boost. It should be noted however that these chassis are stuffed in cash shop packs, which include the Mech variant and a never-ending “mini battle pass” that awards GSP, C-Bills, MC, premium time, and cosmetics for playing the purchased walking tank.

Mercifully, the new patch isn’t just about cash shop bundles, as it will also bring a new Free Worlds Coliseum map, a couple of adjustments to the Jenner, and a long list of tweaks to various existing Mech quirks. Even so, if you want to get legendary, you’re going to have to pay for it.

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