Elder Scrolls Online devs discuss recreating Vvardenfell’s distinct visual style in latest video


Earlier this month, devs from ZeniMax Online Studios offered some thoughts about Elder Scrolls Online’s return to Morrowind in the first episode of a video series. This week, the second episode of that series came out, which focused in on the visual styles that are distinct to the location.

The word “alien” was used frequently when describing the design ethos behind things like armors players can wear or certain buildings found around Vvardenfell, while further noting that the Apocrypha vibe that coats this whole year of content granted designers permission to get a little wild. This means lots of new looks and new beasties, but there will be plenty of familiar sights for Morrowind fans, like silt striders, Telvanni architecture, and cliff racers (complete with that awful screeching sound).

For those eager to dive back into the nostalgia pool that Necrom is bringing, the video awaits below the break.

source: YouTube
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