EverQuest II community accuses Daybreak of pay-to-win over raid chests


A recent addition to EverQuest II has a portion of its community accusing Daybreak of blatant pay-to-win practices.

The issue ties in with a personal loot reward system that was recently introduced to heroic Renewal of Ro zones. Daybreak made it so that players who defeat encounters will be guaranteed a personal loot roll and not walk away empty-handed. Because this pays out more loot than normal, the studio reduced the odds of getting desired gear.

However, impatient players can pay to buy treasure-boosting keys that “increase the number of treasure rolls you obtained, or even guarantee a gear drop from that encounter.” Thus, if you really want that raid gear, the temptation is to break out the wallet to increase your odds — but not guarantee the actual payout.

“This is basically now a pay-to-raid system. This is going to be and is HUGELY unpopular. I don’t see myself paying for a sub for this. This is the nicest thing I can say,” one player posted.

Daybreak closed the discussion thread on the topic after over 125 concerned replies, saying that it is “in the process of reviewing it all” but that it is committed to pursuing individual loot in MMO’s heroic content.

Source: EverQuest II. Thanks Patrick!
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