MechWarrior Online Legends adds two more legendary mechs, tweaks maps, and adjusts chassis quirks


Last month, Piranha Games made some big changes to MechWarrior Online, specifically renaming it to MWO: Legends and selling new legendary mechs that have their own “mini-battle passes” attached to them along with other benefits. That cash shop decision continues in the game’s April update, with two more such chassis added to the store shelves.

These two new robots are the Scattershot Shadow Hawk and the Dreadnought Marauder IIC. The Scattershot (as its name implies) fields several shotgun-like LB 2-X ACs as well as medium range missiles, while the Dreadnought is absolutely bristling with LB 10-X ACs and medium lasers, so really it seems like it’s a matter of whether players like blasting giant shotguns right in enemy faces or doing so from a slightly longer distance. Either way, these new mechs will set players back $15.

In addition to more cash shop items, the patch has content updates like tweaks to the Terra Therma Crucible and Free Worlds League Arena maps, a long list of adjustments to existing mech quirks, a pair of equipment updates, and a bug fix for the arms of the Mad Cat MkII.

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