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Also one of Destiny’s expansions.

MechWarrior Online Legends adds two more legendary mechs, tweaks maps, and adjusts chassis quirks

Last month, Piranha Games made some big changes to MechWarrior Online, specifically renaming it to MWO: Legends and selling new legendary mechs that have...

Path of Exile launches Crucible for console today as PC delivers new 321K peak concurrency

Crucible is coming to console today as Path of Exile preps the expansion and its new league for PlayStation and Xbox - and console...

Path of Exile’s Crucible expansion and league go live this afternoon on PC

It's expansion day for Path of Exile! Crucible is rolling out to PC this afternoon; it includes the new Atlas gateways for endgamers, the...

Path of Exile’s April 7th update Crucible gives weapons their own skill trees

Spring has sprung, and a new Path of Exile league is about to bloom. Next week -- April 7th for PC and April 12th...

Choose My Adventure: Returning to Destiny 2 was both bumpy and engaging

As we close out this random whim of mine to enter shooter MMOs for this month's Choose My Adventure, we clear out our list...

Destiny 2 plots adjustments to seasons, challenge, and activities to fight against perceived predictability

According to game director Joe Blackburn, Destiny 2 updates have become a bit too consistent, leading to the sense that updates are predictable and...

Vague Patch Notes: Stop taking your released MMOs back to the drawing board

This is not a column about Kingshunt, but it is. It's not a column about Crowfall or Deathverse: Let it Die or even Crucible....

Choose My Adventure: Going back to Guild Wars 2 basics through Tyria mapping

One of the surefire ways I know that I'm loving a game is when I swing my wallet like a shillelagh at it -...

Destiny 2 brings new missions, Crucible updates, and events in today’s Season of the Seraph

The Warmind Rasputin is under threat from the Hive God of War, and if it's captured, it could spell doom for the Last City....

Dungeons and Dragons Online begins its seventh hardcore league season December 7

The winter season is hard and it makes for hard people who are hardy and hardly bothered by hardship. Now the hardest can harden...

MechWarrior Online reworks its Terra Therma map, adds more shiny ‘Mechs, and readies annual reward handouts

When a volcano has what's referred to as a "supermassive" eruption, you can be pretty certain that the event will have changed the landscape....

Destiny 2 talks remote engineering work, Crucible updates, and keeping Eliksni warm

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way people view office work and safety all across the world, and Destiny 2 developer Bungie was certainly...

Why I Play: Returning to Diablo III in 2022

I don't know if there's a marketing term for this phenomenon, but Diablo Immortal did an excellent job selling Diablo III. Popular streamers all caught...

EVE Online and Star Citizen’s Battle of the Bricks LEGO spaceship build-off concludes today

The battle for supremacy between Star Citizen and EVE Online will be decided through the crucible of plastic toy brick combat. The finale of...
You know, it can really be your jong.

Diablo III’s buzzworthy 27th season enters testing with 21 new class powers

Something odd happened on the way from Diablo Immortal to Diablo IV: Diablo III just became relevant again. The upcoming 27th season of the online...

City of Heroes Homecoming is testing a new bard-themed control powerset for i27p4

Well this is convenient: Just as I was thinking about playing some City of Heroes, the Homecoming rogue server drops a juicy beta patch...

Diablo III’s Season 27 will let players craft the perfect gear (literally)

Getting the weapon with the right stats that are perfect for your class in Diablo III is looking to get a whole lot easier...

Dungeon Fighter Online fighting game DNF Duel officially releases

Most folks around these parts are familiar with Dungeon Fighter Online as a side-scrolling beat-em-up MMO that lets players whale on rows of enemies...

Old School RuneScape makes adjustments to Giants’ Foundry and seeks player input on game modes

It will likely come as no surprise that players of Old School RuneScape have had some thoughts and impressions to share about the recently...
Oh no.

World of Warcraft wraps up Shadowlands with today’s patch 9.2.5 and faction crossplay

As World of Warcraft increasingly turns its attention to Dragonflight, Shadowlands' days are coming to a close. With the arrival of today's mid-sized Patch...