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Studio: Amazon Game Studios

Also one of Destiny’s expansions.

Why I Play: Returning to Diablo III in 2022

I don't know if there's a marketing term for this phenomenon, but Diablo Immortal did an excellent job selling Diablo III. Popular streamers all caught...

EVE Online and Star Citizen’s Battle of the Bricks LEGO spaceship build-off concludes today

The battle for supremacy between Star Citizen and EVE Online will be decided through the crucible of plastic toy brick combat. The finale of...
You know, it can really be your jong.

Diablo III’s buzzworthy 27th season enters testing with 21 new class powers

Something odd happened on the way from Diablo Immortal to Diablo IV: Diablo III just became relevant again. The upcoming 27th season of the online...

City of Heroes Homecoming is testing a new bard-themed control powerset for i27p4

Well this is convenient: Just as I was thinking about playing some City of Heroes, the Homecoming rogue server drops a juicy beta patch...

Diablo III’s Season 27 will let players craft the perfect gear (literally)

Getting the weapon with the right stats that are perfect for your class in Diablo III is looking to get a whole lot easier...

Dungeon Fighter Online fighting game DNF Duel officially releases

Most folks around these parts are familiar with Dungeon Fighter Online as a side-scrolling beat-em-up MMO that lets players whale on rows of enemies...

Old School RuneScape makes adjustments to Giants’ Foundry and seeks player input on game modes

It will likely come as no surprise that players of Old School RuneScape have had some thoughts and impressions to share about the recently...

World of Warcraft wraps up Shadowlands with today’s patch 9.2.5 and faction crossplay

As World of Warcraft increasingly turns its attention to Dragonflight, Shadowlands' days are coming to a close. With the arrival of today's mid-sized Patch...

Aion NA adds a wardrobe system, a normal version of Heart of Apsaranta, and several dungeon tweaks

Good news for Daevas with a passion for fashion: The NA version of Aion is bringing a wardrobe function in the 8.2 update, which...

EVE Echoes tests balance changes for the entire game, EVE Online starts testing capital ship and structure tweaks

The only real constant in the sandboxes of EVE Online is change, and there are changes coming to both the base PC game as...
Bad plans.

Amazon Games’ Mike Frazzini has stepped down following multiple rocky MMO launches

The head of Amazon Games, Mike Frazzini, has apparently stepped down from his role, announcing the move internally in a Friday announcement, as first...

Aion NA gets updates to Apsaranta, new missions, and a new instance in 8.1 update

The North American version of MMORPG Aion has released its 8.1 update, bringing along some new things for players to do, whether it's completing...

Destiny 2 outlines changes coming to Gambit and previews patch notes for the Witch Queen

The Witch Queen expansion of Destiny 2 is just peeking over the horizon as it releases this coming Tuesday, February 22nd. That means there's...

Lord of the Rings Online’s newest region is a ‘much needed break’ from gloomy zones, dev says

Lord of the Rings Online is putting its newest raid through the crucible before it goes live next week. SSG announced that the 12-player...

Choose My Adventure: Cobbling together a death brick in Avorion

You know how your first construction job in a survival sandbox is a perfectly functional but spectacularly hideous in terms of aesthetics? That was...

Amazon’s game studio VP talks about New World’s launch and the company’s vision for future releases

Christoph Hartmann, Amazon’s vice president of games studios, has seen a lot of false starts and stumbles with Amazon Games' previous projects, but with...

Path of Exile’s Scourge launch sees concurrency numbers near its all-time highest point

When Path of Exile's Scourge expansion went live this past Friday, we noted how the previous expansion didn't exactly light fans on fire and...

Path of Exile’s Scourge expansion is officially launching this afternoon

If we're being honest, Path of Exile's last expansion, Expedition, did not go well: It was widely perceived as a killjoy expansion and saw...

Path of Exile’s Scourge revamps skill tree, adds passive masteries and guild hideouts

While Path of Exile's new Scourge league is fitting for Halloween, the expansion also brings some goodies and changes that will last beyond the...

Path of Exile’s spooky Scourge league offers tricks and treats starting October 22

Path of Exile's new leagues and updates come like clockwork every three months, just like seasons of the year. But it isn't often that...