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Studio: Amazon Game Studios

Also one of Destiny’s expansions.

Amazon’s Crucible struggled with logins last night, but it’s up with a new patch now

So the Crucible launch didn't quite go as planned. If you tried to hop into Amazon's new team shooter last night, you already know the...
Oh no.

Amazon Games’ team shooter Crucible is supposed to go live this afternoon

We've teased Amazon Games Studio plenty for canceling games and postponing them and changing them into something else, but today, it's finally doing something...
I half-see.

Amazon’s Crucible delivers a five-minute overview

Amazon Game Studios hopes you aren't too busy next week -- perhaps even staying home for the duration. And if you're just hanging around,...

Multiplayer shooter Crucible starts stirring the hype with several character reveals

Well, it seems like Amazon Game Studios is all done staying quiet about Crucible. Hot off the heels of a summary video that outlined...

Grim Dawn shows off some new Crucibles and details epic items upgrading to mythic level

With the next update to Grim Dawn leering overhead, the devs at Crate Entertainment have been eager to pull back some of the curtain...
Gun or run.

Amazon Game Studios’ PvPvE shooter Crucible launches May 20 — here’s a video outlining its modes

Most of the news regarding Amazon's online multiplayer shooter Crucible has been kind of thin. We know that it's made some pretty big business...

Amazon’s Lord of the Rings MMO is hiring, online shooter Crucible gets a launch window

We are still largely in the dark when it comes to Amazon Game Studio's upcoming Lord of the Rings MMO, but a new job...

Guild Wars 2 Game Director Mike Zadorojny left for Amazon Games Studios – in November

Two weeks ago, we reported that Guild Wars 2 Game Director Mike Zadorojny had quietly departed ArenaNet last fall. Originally leaked by a troll...

The Trials of Osiris have officially begun in Destiny 2’s Season of the Worthy

The much-loved and highly anticipated Trials of Osiris mode finally kicked off in Destiny 2 this past Friday, bringing on another activity for players...

Destiny 2 brings back Trials of Osiris on March 13, talks about changes to Seasons and weapon longevity

Destiny 2 is moving ever onward with the new and now, though some of its newest is actually a bit old. Remember when datamining...
House of skulls.

The second week of Anthem’s Season of Skulls starts up today

The latest Anthem event leaves no time for seasons of love because it's the Season of Skulls. It's also rolling on to the second week...

Destiny 2 kicks off Nightmare Hunts, tweaks 3v3 matchmaking, and counts PC as its biggest platform

Destiny 2 has had a pretty big few days on account of its Shadowkeep launch, so naturally things will keep on changing and evolving...

Destiny 2 previews October Crucible adjustments and Shadowkeep subclass ability tweaks

The drums of change continue to boom out over Destiny 2. The weekly report from Bungie provided a deeper look at how things are...

Destiny 2 improves several activity drop rates and cuts the price of Forsaken Complete on console

A few of the gear chases in Destiny 2 have gotten a little bit easier. With this week's patch, players should be seeing...

Trove’s gardening-centric Going Green update arrives to consoles

The task of creating a garden isn't really the first sort of activity that one thinks of doing when it comes to MMO gaming,...

Amazon Game Studios is apparently suffering layoffs and game cancelations

Next week, we've got a piece coming in which one of my colleagues remarks that Amazon Game Studios' greatest claim to fame right now...
Blood flight.

World of Warcraft clarifies Battle for Azeroth season timeline, still no date for Rise of Azshara

I don't know why since I'm not even going to play it, but not knowing when Rise of Azshara is launching for World of...

Not So Massively: Eden Rising provides a low-stress riff on survival games

Somehow I hadn't heard of Eden Rising until it launched out of early access as a free-to-play title, so to me at least it...
Siri play Chariots of Fire.

Cool your jets: Destiny 2’s ‘Crucible isn’t going anywhere’

We've never known the internet to take things to extremes. I have only ever know the internet to be a measured and thoughtful place,...

World of Warcraft lets slip the Tides of Vengeance today

Druids, pirates, and trolls, oh my! It's patch day over at World of Warcraft, and even if this isn't one of the major ones,...