Crucible’s latest beta patch introduces a big overhaul for scenarios and objectives


Crucible has been one of online gaming’s punching bags of the summer, what with Amazon’s decision to pull the once-launched title back into closed beta for reworking after players just didn’t connect with it. In fact, last week, the game delayed its next round of testing a pinch more thanks to bugs.

Well, that update for this leg of testing is out now, and it includes several tweaks for the heroes, the new minimap that moves the compass from the HUD, new comms ping options with “roughly 2000 new voice lines” (!), fixes for UI and desync issues, and the first draft of the new scenarios and objectives event system. It’s not a wee patch is what we’re saying.

“We heard feedback that having multiple planetary events messaged at pre-match sequence and occurring at different times throughout the match didn’t actually help players prepare a strategy. As a result, we’ll be breaking planetary events out into two groups: scenarios and objectives. Each match will have one scenario, which lasts the whole match and is messaged during the pre-match screen, as well as multiple objectives that come up one at a time throughout the course of a match. This distinction should help players understand what’s going on in a given match. By knowing the scenario beforehand and starting to adapt to it right from the beginning, players should be better able to focus their strategy, including how they’ll be approaching things like hives and amplifiers. Objectives are more predictable: as a player, you’ll always know when and where the next objectives will be.”

Source: Patch notes

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All this faff with Crucible and New World tells me is that Amazon (and many other companies) are charging people to Alpha test and be market research focus subjects.

Disgraceful, in my opinion.

Dug From The Earth

quick comms… lol. Still no chat or voice chat?

Kickstarter Donor

Voice chat has been in since the beginning of July, but yeah. This whole release is a shame