The Daily Grind: What do you think about the New World delay?


Last week’s Friday afternoon news was the revelation that Amazon’s MMORPG New World has been delayed for at least the third time that we know of. It didn’t really surprise anyone who’d been watching the game closely, especially given the past delays, do-overs, COVID-19, and the worryingly generic dev blogs.

In fact, the interesting thing about the staff and commenter discussions that came in the wake of that announcement was that a lot of folks think it’s for the best, and we kicked around a lot of reasons to agree with AGS that a delay was the smart move: The delay gives it some breathing room away from WoW’s Shadowlands. The delay gives AGS some time to learn from Crucible’s mistakes, rather than launching a mess and having to unlaunch back into beta. And the delay allows Amazon to keep on filling in the PvE blanks created when the game shifted gears away from being a more PvP-centric gameworld.

What do you think about the New World delay? Is this a smart move? Does it help the game’s potential more than it hurts?

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Not unexpected after Crucible was pulled (again?) and the previous delay. Some footage didn’t look like a “stunning” game (gamewise, I mean).
Someone says they need to find the right audience. Indeed, probably is that.

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Somewhat apathetic as I don’t think the game is really aimed at me. However I do think delaying the game rather than releasing it in a form people already don’t like was probably a smart move… but that also sort of depends on “what” they do to fix the issues in the interim.


I think the delay doesn’t affect me even slightly. I don’t play PVP, I’m not interested in games that start as pure PVP (even if they swerve to trying for PvPvE and then PvE before driving off a cliff.) I wasn’t going to play New World before it was delayed, I won’t play it after it is delayed.

I’m just here because “site metrics,” and because I like watching games that try to start out as PVP gankboxes keel over dead.

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That delay is the most predictable piece of MMO news we’ll see all year.
They either still don’t know what they want it to be, or they’re still trying to figure out how to make it appeal to everybody.
And in the worst case it’s both.
Clearly, even unlimited amounts of funding can’t protect Amazon from the painful learning experience that is being new at games development.
Let’s hope they can find their footing, right now they look like a giraffe in an ice skating rink.

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Hopefully it means an easier workload for the devs. Amazon is already notorious for its harsh office environment—I can only imagine how bad it is for game devs during crunch.


Delay of the game was the ONLY move. If it had launched when scheduled, it would have been DOA. Still probably will be. Depends on if the suits and developers can study and learn from FFXIV on how to redesign an MMO in a year or so.

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This is the result when a studio makes a game solely to make money, its a common enough trap but Amazon seems to have not just fallen in but leaped.

It seemed like they wanted that sweet arena gameplay cash, when they realized they couldn’t compete using that model they switched over to try to recreate ESO or something crafty, and apparently they discovered that was also hard

Their press releases sound like no one at AGS has ever played an MMO or knew of the previous existence of some of the biggest games (acting like decades-old mechanics were revolutionary)

Any effort that starts with monetization and a desire to grab some market share will lack soul. The best games I’ve played started with gamers who had a vision that was then developed into a game where someone could make cash.


they seem a bit confused… like they dont really have a solid plan. You cannot sell pre-orders with beta access and then delay for a year.. who got the decision to sell pre-orders with a set release date? Didnt he know that the game wasnt ready? Seems to me thats there is an internal fight between “lets make some money” like Bless online and those who actually are “ashamed” to deliver a incomplete game.

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All I can say is that my gut instinct says “maybe.”

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