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WoW Factor: Steve Danuser was not really the problem with World of Warcraft

So I don't want to sit here and say "oh, things were going so great" before the news that Steve Danuser had actually left...

WoW Factor: Evaluating World of Warcraft’s 2023 progress and performance

So 2023 is not completely in the rear view yet, but at least in terms of major developments for World of Warcraft we can...

Working As Intended: The hits and misses of our 2023 MMO predictions

We've been offering up an MMO predictions list for Massively Overthinking for years upon years now as our writers and readers prognosticate on the...
I circle the waterfront, I'm watching the sea.

WoW Factor: Just by existing, the Worldsoul Saga delivers something World of Warcraft desperately needed

Last week, I argued that a lot of the elements of World of Warcraft: The War Within that at least sound good on paper....
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BlizzCon 2023: Everything we learned about The War Within in World of Warcraft’s What’s Next panel

This year's opening ceremony for BlizzCon did not feature the usual kickoff of a new major World of Warcraft reveal followed by a lengthy...

Vague Patch Notes: Default MMORPG genre features change over time, and that’s OK

I want you to picture a nonexistent MMO in your head right now. Not one that hasn't released yet; one that hasn't even been...
This is not hard to do.

WoW Factor: The dungeon finder really did muck up World of Warcraft’s leveling – but not the way you’re thinking

So if you missed Justin's recent column, he mentioned how bad leveling feels these days in World of Warcraft and some of the reasons...

WoW Factor: World of Warcraft’s exhausting constant hype cycle

When I saw that there was an event happening on Thursday for World of Warcraft's next patch, I had to do a double-take. I...

WoW Factor: Long-shot potential additions for World of Warcraft’s next expansion

Last time we were here, I wound up just talking about potential class and race additions for the next World of Warcraft expansion. As...
Through the fire and the flames

WoW Factor: Potential destinations for the next World of Warcraft expansion

We have a BlizzCon coming up in November. This strikes me as a phenomenally bad idea, like someone proposed it in a meeting to...
I'm definitely an elf!

Perfect Ten: Every expansion era of World of Warcraft ranked

For a long time, I have been considering this particular column just because, well, it's an obvious one. If you have a column whose...

World of Warcraft updates its 2023 roadmap with plans for the next two patches for the game

No, the next minor incoming patch for World of Warcraft is not purely about Fury Warriors. We understand any confusion there, though; the patch...

The Daily Grind: How does Dragonflight rank among World of Warcraft expansions?

Now that World of Warcraft has clocked well over a half-year into its Dragonflight expansion cycle, we've seen a lot of development and opinions...
It's sort of like compensation.

World of Warcraft previews its time rift antics for patch 10.1.5

Good news, World of Warcraft time warriors extraordinaire: With the upcoming patch 10.1.5, you will not be going back in time. You will, instead,...

Blizzard confirms that it’s working on World of Warcraft dragonriding outside of Dragon Isles

You know what's just plain fun? World of Warcraft's dragonriding. It may well be the most well-received expansion feature since Legion's artifact weapons, and...

The Soapbox: Raiding isn’t the problem with World of Warcraft

It is by now clear that World of Warcraft's Dragonflight expansion hasn't exactly set the world on fire. This has set off another round...

WoW Classic begins testing Trial of the Crusader today as Blizzard toys with ChatGPT

Why ask players what they want out of World of Warcraft when you could ask the fancy auto-complete tool known as ChatGPT? I assume...

The Soapbox: MMO housing is so much more than a frivolous feature

When The Sims launched in 2000, what seemed like a dull and laughable concept on paper proved to be one of the most compelling...

Activision-Blizzard Q1 2023: ABK revenues are up as Blizzard MAUs fall back down to reality

Activision blinked: Activision-Blizzard wasn't supposed to release its Q1 2023 financials until tomorrow after the bell, but it's just done it this morning out of...

WoW Factor: Everything we know about Embers of Neltharion – so far

So at this point, we actually have a remarkably clear picture of what's going to be in the first major content patch for World...