Binding, binding.

WoW Factor: The missing soulbinds of Shadowlands’ testing

Everyone remembers about soulbinding, yes? It's one of the major new features in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands? Like, it's literally the whole thing...
I'm definitely an elf!

Perfect Ten: World of Warcraft’s multicolored elf rainbow

Remember how I managed to get an entire column out of all the different flavors of troll within World of Warcraft? Except I...
All things go, all things go.

The Daily Grind: What does World of Warcraft actually do well?

We all know that World of Warcraft gets its fair share of criticism and grumpy rants, particularly in this Battle for Azeroth era....

World of Warcraft’s summer sale marks Battle for Azeroth down to $20

The sun is hot, the ice cream is melting all over the car seat, and Blizzard is looking to make a few bucks by...
Shoulder touch.

World of Warcraft’s latest Shadowlands build includes profession updates, dungeon journals, and customization

Another alpha update has hit World of Warcraft's test servers, and this one wound up with a few technical issues ensuring that
It was a different time.

World of Warcraft’s Midsummer Fire Festival heats up through July 5

Summer's already hot, so why not make it hotter still? Some big bonfires and the errant flaming torch should do the trick there. Thanks...

WoW Factor: The time-skip Shadowlands theory and the longing for World of Warcraft 2

All right, here we go. Normally this is the sort of thing that I wouldn't actually spend a whole week on because believe it...
Whee or something.

World of Warcraft introduces an Auction House ‘action budget’ that is then immediately removed

It's time to talk about Auctioneer for World of Warcraft. If you're unfamiliar with this particular add-on, what it does is pretty scan...
I'm on a boat.

World of Warcraft brings back Single-Minded Fury in Shadowlands

All of you who play Warriors in World of Warcraft and like to be in the class of characters who flip out and...
I am not supporting this lizard-shooting quest.

Anarchy Online celebrates 19 years with a revamped raid zone and sub promos

Wanna feel super old? Anarchy Online is celebrating its 19th year online. If you were around back then, you remember AO holding the...
No custom.

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands continues to roll through testing with new transport animations and customization

There are some races that are still waiting on new customization options within World of Warcraft: Shadowlands' alpha testing. But others are getting...
Corpse party.

World of Warcraft previews the undead might of Maldraxxus

Maldraxxus is one of the new areas in World of Warcraft, and it's a portion of the realm of the dead with...
Scratching an itch.

Global Chat: Phantasy Star Online 2 tips and tricks

As you... may have heard, Phantasy Star Online 2's PC launch was all sorts of horrible, especially from an installation perspective. Belghast over...
Some elves have no eyes any more. Be sensitive.

WoW Factor: Behind blue (elf) eyes (in World of Warcraft)

Players were very excited when blue eye options were datamined out for Blood Elves in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, then less happy when it...
Can I come out yet?

World of Warcraft previews the region of Ardenweald and the Night Fae

A land of perpetual twilight, overseen by the Winter Queen, Ardenweald is a forested portion of the afterlife players will be exploring in 
All over again.

WoW Factor: Shadowlands needs an excitement boost it’s not getting

Back in February, I wrote about how Blizzard could help restore some player confidence about Shadowlands. And we're a few months in, and... yeah,...
Lies, damn lies, and statistics.

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands will allow blue-eyed Blood Elves and Void Elves

Remember when people got very excited about finding blue eyes for elves in the customization options in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands? And remember...
When the lights go down in the city.

World of Warcraft previews the Shadowlands hub of Oribos

When World of Warcraft opens the gates to the land of the dead in Shadowlands, players are going to need a place to...
Why believe in angels?

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands has many new race customizations and is considering endless Torghast runs

A new alpha build for World of Warcraft: Shadowlands means new character customization options being added, because that is the most important thing...
Everybody dies.

WoW Factor: Examining Shadowlands’ Rogue, Death Knight, and Warrior changes

I do find a certain amount of irony in the fact that in this tour of the World of Warcraft Shadowlands class changes,...