The Daily Grind: What was the most painful MMO sunset of 2020?


We’ve had some brutal years for MMORPG sunsets. But surprisingly, this wasn’t one of them. I mean, yes, we lost games, but not as many, and none of the truly big ones. I mean, sure, bungled games like Crucible made headlines, but how many of you even remember that 2020 was the year Frostkeep shuttered Rend with one week’s warning? Yeah, exactly.

For my part, the loss of MapleStory 2 was probably the most painful sunset of the year. I know it wasn’t huge and was never gonna be as popular as its big brother, but it was adorable, and it was really obvious when Nexon cut off its development and marketing that it was going to axe the game without giving it much of a chance to really bloom.

What was the most painful MMO sunset of 2020 for you personally?

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Probably WoW, when Shadowlands was released, lol.


Surprisingly none – like I said general financial health looked better and probably the quarantines played a role as people who had to stay at home wanted to waste some free time in fun ways. Not to mention some friends(and family) could meet and spend time through mmos

Bruno Brito

None, really.


Nothing comes to mind at all.

Didn’t even know Maple Story 2 was shut down. Unsurprising, really.

Wynne Rogers

I was sad to see Maple Story 2 closed too. I didn’t play it a lot but it was fun from time to time to jump into. I tried Maple Story and just don’t think it was as good.

Oleg Chebeneev

Nothing comes to mind.


None of them?

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I stopped caring about sunsets when EQ Landmark was murdered. :(


MS2: Best pigtail sliders in town. Now I just have to wait to someone drops an EMU of it so I can give it a try. Likely not. :(


I guess its one silver lining this year: I didn’t loose any MMO’s. No game I play has shut down since Wildstar back in 2018.