Warframe jumps onto the Epic Game Store with a free weapon bundle


Warframe can’t be stopped. We all know this. We’ve all seen the prophecies that show us how the popular shooter will spread to all of the corners of the universe until being caught not playing Warframe will result in instant execution. So just accept the fact that this online RPG is now available on the Epic Game Store as part of this inevitable march toward domination.

The debut of Warframe on EGS also comes with a bonus for fans: a free Unreal Tournament weapons bundle. “Each Skin comes with brand-new sounds, effects, and animations designed to recapture the excitement of Unreal Tournament and bring it to the Origin System,” Digital Extremes said.

This collaboration shows the ties between the studio and Epic, which stretch back quite a ways. “We’ve stayed in touch over the years while our businesses grew in different directions,” Epic’s Tim Sweeney said in an interview on Frankengadget. “Now we’re finding they increasingly overlap and there’s a great opportunity to connect our gamer audience.”

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