Cyberpunk 2077 appears to have the biggest PC launch of all time

Alas, poor Shadowlands

Someone thinks that's neat, probably.

It turns out a lot of people want to live in a cybernetic dystopia other than the one we are presently engaged with, based on the pre-orders for Cyberpunk 2077. Developer CD Projekt Red has shared some statistics, and among others it looks like the game is currently in the second-place spot for digital sales on launch month (surpassed by Diablo III) and the highest spot for a PC launch with 4.7 million copies sold via pre-order. This easily surpasses Blizzard’s dubious claims regarding World of Warcraft: Shadowlands hitting a sales record.

The game appears to have passed 8 million copies pre-ordered, but 41% of those copies were for consoles rather than on the PC. Somewhat appropriately, 74% of the preorders were via digital formats. Amidst all the reports of bugs and seizure-inducing light sequences, it’s nice to see that the game is at least matching sales to the amount of discussion it’s engendering. Although if you own stock in the company that may not be too much of a comfort, given the stock price dip.

Source: Twitter (1, 2) via WCCFTech; thanks to Wilhelm for the tip!

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Geoffrey Tillman

I am having Hard Drive issues and I had a coupon so I got it on Stadia. It’s the first game I have gotten for it and I am actually kind of startled by how well it’s playing on it. I do plan on getting it on Steam or GoG in a month or two as well


I’m definitely excited for this game, but I waited on the initial reviews to come out. Given the state of things I’m going to hold off until they clean it up. Given the amount of money they just made my guess is that won’t be too long, so I’m looking forward to see how things change after a bug fix release or three.


Ok. So, here is my take.

First, it is a great game. I’m enjoying the hell out of it. And yes, you do get immersed in it. If you sit down intending to play for an hour, you will play for 3 hours. Lol.

But the bugs are real and they can take you out that great immersion just as quickly. I mean, it didn’t bother me too much because tbh, it is to be expected. But for a game that was supposed to be “clean” in comparison to other bug ridden games like Fallout 76, it was like a dirty window. You can see the sparkle right through the grime.

I chose to be a Nomad starting out, which was a good choice because that story hasn’t been covered as much by media. It was nice to start out in a completely unfamiliar way.

And it is a beautiful game. Even if you don’t have the graphics tweaked up redlining your graphics capabilities, it is definitely dialed in to give the graphics a sense of realism.

Now, the RPG stuff such as skill points etc. etc. is passable. I wouldn’t call it creative but it served it’s purpose. Hopefully this is something that gets tweaked a good bit. I actually found it cumbersome.

But the action/fps side of things is brilliant. It is great fun given your abilities, possibilities and your chosen style of game play.

The only other thing I will say is, you need a controller for driving. The keyboard controls for cruising in your car are dog shit. As a PC gamer I see this type of neglect a great deal and there is no excuse for it.

Malcolm Swoboda

We’ll probably get it on the new PC later. Happy to play the ‘definitive’ versions post-patches ;). All the better, if on a sale!


Im pleasantly surprised, pretty much having a blast, playing sort of tehnomancer, focus on debuffs through hacking with a mix of engineering and crafting, got some 20h in the game and literally done two story missions in act 1 only, im more exploring, doing side quests and leveling so far.

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Patch incoming for console versions and it’s a meaty one, 17.6gb on PS4

Lots of quest fixes and performance stuff too but happy to see this in the patch notes


Modified the flashing effect on braindances to reduce the risk of inducing epileptic symptoms. The effect has been smoothed out and the flashes reduced in frequency and magnitude”


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Feyd Darkholme

Good, CDPR deserve all the praise and accolades…

Bruno Brito

I disagree but…sure?


Watched streamer play a good solid chunk of it. Other than some janky glitches here or there, it actually doesn’t look too bad.

Is it $60 worth of good? Eh, I don’t think so personally so I’ll probably wait (Depends how desperate I get for a game, I don’t have one currently.).

The guy I was watching didn’t even dent the multitude of side quest type stuff and was purposely trying to find the weaknesses in the game…but he was playing a body/(engi/craft) build ‘dumb’ nomad so he was kinda doing the whole ‘faceplant into them as hard as I can and see what breaks’ mentality, which is totally not how I would play at all. (I’d probably run ‘cool’/’reflexes’ or cool and hacking stuff mainly myself if I were to play…)

I mean, pretty much after they taught him how to locate tech stuff/hack it, he basically ignored/forgot it except for areas requiring it…otherwise during combat he never really did any of it. He spent one whole fight (On very hard) just getting a virus uploaded to him that would set him on fire…and barely able to hit anything/see because of it.

The driving around seems worse than GTA, like no smooth in/out of cars, it seems a very awkward ‘get in’ ‘get out’ pause, and the vehicles apparently have no brakes and can’t park either…and the vehicle shooting scenes he practically couldn’t even hit them…even though he’s normally a decent shot in other shooter games.

Does any of this translate to just being the streamer? Maybe. But I think some of it is stuff that needs a little…ironing out. The NPC’s, well, they mostly ignore you/say nothing, or if they are part of a little mini gang, as soon as you’re seen they all come running and do use cover/try and do flanking maneuvers…but otherwise, they seem kind of brain-dead for AI.

One example of a glitch, was one of the mini elites got kind of flipped by a grenade, but still had like half life left, but her arm was stuck in a wall/cage and she just sat there threatening them (voice-over)while not doing any harm to them…he just kinda stood there and chuckled at her then put her out of her misery by trying to blow the arm off that was stuck in the wall.

Would you want to pay $60 for that kind of not polished? I sure wouldn’t.

As for content, well, I only saw so much story, but there’s probably a few THOUSAND side things you can go do…to distract you from how little of a story there probably actually is…and if you just like ‘getting better’ at a game with practice, then there’s plenty to practice on, and it’s definitely living up to what I expected from that type of world.

So do I think it’s worth a try, yeah, I’d give it a go at a different price-point.


It is, because a lot of people expected a good quality RPG game since Witcher 3 was such a great game. Including me. Sadly, this is not such game. There are HUGE amount of issues, the game feels like it was not made by CDPR but is a Bethesda’s version of GTA with Reshade and custom ray tracing mods applied. Here are just few terrible things I have noticed:

– The origin stories (yes, I have tried all of them) for your character are almost meaningless, somewhat confusing and too short, Bioware did a much better job with different character origin stories in Dragon Age: Origins.

– The AI is basically non-existent, the NPCs will do things like run in the middle of the road in front of the cars and sit while crouched there (I have personally seen a dozen of NPCs do this, all running in same spot in the middle of the road). The AI is disabled for NPCs driving cars, they will not react when you are standing in front of the cars, they will not attempt to go around you, they will not attempt to get out of the car – I got bored and started to hit one of the cars that NPC was driving, the NPC just sat there. The car caught on fire after me hitting it with a fist a few times, NPC continued to sit in it. I continued to hit the car until it literally exploded, NPC just sat in it. There are videos of cars going around the corner on specific street and hitting same object on the street because all cars just follow same fixed path.
Here is another situation: there was a police officer talking to civilian outside, I hit a civilian, it started to run away from me while floating above the ground and screaming, the police officer looked at me, said “What now?”, started to walk towards the wall, hit the wall, continued to walk in same place while actually not moving and continuing to look at me.

– Speaking of police: game literally spawns them behind your back. Even if you are in closed room, or on a balcony – they just appear from thin air and will continue to endlessly spawn until you hide. I have seen this personally.

– The NPCs walking around outside feel artificial – most of them have a meaningless 1-2 sentences so talking to them is useless, their walking path is not finished so they will often bump into things or clip through objects, clip through cars and clip through each other while walking, a lot of them have broken mouth animation where they do not move the mouth when talking.

– The type of body customizations do not even matter. Doesn’t matter what genitalia you will select, you will never see them in any cutscenes and even the people in romance scenes base their action (such as body position in cutscenes) on the type of voice you will select for your character, feminine or masculine. You also CANNOT change physical appearance once you have finished doing this in the beginning of the game. There is no “barber shop” to change your hair color or tattoos or length of your beard. Even though this game is set in universe where people do a lot of body modifications.

– Most importantly, the game’s choices don’t really matter much – most of the time the game provides you with only one valid choice in dialogues with the rest being “fluff” choices for the sake of (poorly written) conversation. Many of the the sidequests are pretty pretty boring (at least the ones I have tried) and the main quest itself feels pretty predictable and uninspiring (I did not finish it but I can already see how this story will end and I don’t feel like forcing myself to go through game to see the ending of story). The crafting is absolutely unnecessary and very basic, the UI is not very intuitive, the stealth system is pretty unenjoyable to use (and I liked going stealth in games like Deus Ex: Human Revolution), the character specification trees are also somewhat confusing with a lot of useless choices and very minor boosts.

– There is also way, way too much lighting “spam” in terms of all neon advertising and flashing lights, especially in dark areas or at night – yes, I know the universe of this game is set in a world where the flashy colored lights play a huge role but there is just way too much of it used in game to the point of making me feel tired and causing eye strain (my monitor is properly calibrated, set at 120 cd/m2 brightness level, with HDR disabled, I do not have issues with seizures caused by bright lights and I do not have similar issues with any other game I’ve played before). Speaking of graphics effects, everything has a layer of “blur” in it unless you disable several post-processing options like Film Grain or Chromaitc Aberration (and I don’t like the game looking “blurry” – those effects are fine in movies but I do not want to see them in games) and even with all those disabled and all other options set to max, the game has pretty low res textures and somewhat low level of detail for many objects. This is playing on PC, using 3070 card, at 1440p resolution, with no performance issues. Speaking of performance issues, I’ve seen many posts by previous gen console users like PS4 and Xbox One where people demonstrated through videos how awful game looks like and how terribly it performs (looks and performs worse than Witcher 3) on their consoles.

TL;DR: Sorry for rambling, I was hugely disappointed by this CDPR’s version of Fallout 76 after anticipating it for so many years, I will not be finishing this game and I have applied for a refund already.

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You somewhat confirms my skepticism of whether the quality of this game–or heck, any game–can match the hype it generated before release. It’s quite telling that a complex character creation system is coupled with a FPS game where not only you don’t see your character most of times… and that especially puzzling genitalia customization when there’s no sex in the game that warrants it.