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The Stream Team: Celebrating 10 years of Warframe Space Ninjas

Double digits! Warframe has made it to the double digits with today's 10th anniversary. That means it has been a full decade of Space...
People always ask why I pick these screenshots and the answer is usually just that I felt like it.

Warframe ushers in 10th anniversary as devs deliver a glimpse of Soulframe

Believe it or not, it's been nearly 10 years since Warframe launched on March 25th, 2013 -- and you can best believe that Digital...

The Stream Team: A Warframe love story

Valentine's Day is long past, but Warframe has a love story that Massively OP's MJ has yet to hear. The new Mirror Defense mission...
I find the way.

Interview: The Wayfinder team on group size, customization, monetization, and more

Perhaps you're interested in Wayfinder because you like the idea of a small-group dungeon-running game published by Digital Extremes. (The studio made another game...

Warframe’s Duviri Paradox gets new details and a new trailer as it sets its sights on an April release

Are you ready for yet another open world location in Warframe but are concerned that you don't have the levels, gear, and other goofy-named...

Wayfinder begins closed beta next week, plans no-wipe early access for May

MMO-inspired but smaller-scale co-op PvE hack-and-slasher Wayfinder wormed its way into our hearts last year with its familiar visuals and splashy combat, and now,...

The Daily Grind: Which MMOs are hard to love because of their combat design?

The other day I was spying on Chris playing some Warframe on Twitch, and the thought that kept bubbling into my head as he was...
Wishin' and hopin'

Citrine’s Last Wish is now live for Warframe on all platforms

What, precisely, is Citrine's last wish? Was it to finally ride Space Mountain all by herself? Was it a notarized letter specifying that crystal...

Choose My Adventure: Slowly cracking the code of how Warframe works

For the longest time last week, the Choose My Adventure voting was extremely close - it was at a three-way tie at one point...

The Stream Team: CMA Live opens fire on the foes of Warframe

MOP's Chris will spend another Sunday hosting a Choose My Adventure stream as he continues to move his way through the weird and wild landscape...

The Stream Team: Hungry hungry Helminth and Warframe’s museum of frames

Between the hungry hungry Helminth and the museum of frames, Massively OP's MJ couldn't decide what to focus on during her latest excursion into...
Boo, says I.

World of Warcraft’s new trading post is back up but still a bit buggy

The keystone of World of Warcraft's newest patch got off to a disappointing start, as the Trading Post immediately hit all sorts of bugs...

Warframe blasts off next month to Star Days and the new Citrine frame

While many other online RPGs are slowly revving up for releases later this spring or summer, Warframe is all about delivering the goods as...

The Stream Team: Looking at Lua’s Prey in Warframe

Between the holidays and illness, Massively OP's MJ hasn't been able to play any Warframe since last year. Unacceptable! Tonight she's remedying that with...

End-of-Year Eleven: The top MMOs to watch in 2023

You know how some people like to push this narrative that "MMOs are dying?" If that was actually true, then my job to round...
It's Cid! Hi Cid! Fix this.

End-of-Year Eleven: The best value MMOs going into 2023

Every year when I do this post, I muse about what "value" actually means for MMOs because it's actually a tricky proposition and that...

Massively Uplifting: A season of gains and losses in the MMO world

Where has the year gone? Fall has wrapped up, winter is beginning, and the end of the year draws nigh. Today, many will be...

Steam’s winter sale offers many deep discounts on FFXIV, Elder Scrolls Online, New World and more

If you're not already broke from buying presents this holiday season, why not treat yourself to the annual gamer gluttony that is the Steam...

Warframe looks back at 2022 through the lens of a bowl of sourdough bread starter named Igor

We appreciate that this Warframe story's headline might sound unhinged, but there is a very good reason that the game's creative director framed the...

Airship Syndicate reveals Wayfinder, a gorgeous multiplayer RPG inspired by MMOs

It almost went unnoticed at this year's TennoCon thanks to the big reveal of Soulframe and Warframe's latest content round, but Digital Extremes actually...