Warframe readies Jade Shadows update for June 18, maps out this year’s TennoCon


Warframe has once again poured out a gallon of information during its most recent developer livestream, with information about the game’s next content release, Jade Shadows, which is headed to all platforms on Tuesday, June 18th.

This new update brings the titular narrative quest that promises to dive deeper into the enigmatic NPC known as the Stalker, along with the game’s 57th Frame, the support-minded Jade; a new epilogue mission type that features a dangerous elevator ride where players have to both survive enemy waves and keep the lift powered; and a new clan operation known as Belly of the Beast, where clanmates are challenged to complete objectives and disrupt Corpus foes.

On top of the new content update details, Digital Extremes also granted fans a full event schedule for TennoCon 2024, which will feature a 1999-themed TennoVIP celebration, several panels, a dedicated devstream for Soulframe, and a pin collection event, among other things. As for those who won’t be able to make it to the in-person event, the second day’s main stage panels will be streaming on the game’s Twitch channel.

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