Warframe’s Jade Shadows update launches with new character, new mission type, and new clan operation


The Jade Shadows update has been the talk of Warframe for the past couple of months, but today is finally the day when fans on all platforms that the looter shooter is playable on get to actually play the content themselves, as Jade Shadows has fully released.

Jade Shadows is headlined by the titular 57th Frame Jade, a new character meant to evoke the solemn yet melodic hymns of a choir, all while wielding a new bow, new scythe, and new throwing knives. We’re not sure what kinds of choirs Digital Extremes devs watched, but they sound pretty metal.

The update additionally brings two new mission types in the form of the wave survival Ascension mission and the variant Belly of the Beast clan operation. The patch also brings several new cosmetics and some additional quality-of-life updates that change enemy resistances and statuses.

In other Warframe news, Digital Extremes is continuing to stir up hype for TennoCon 2024 with additional event details. Players can look forward to another in-game relay on Saturday, July 20th, to show off their fashionable Frames, expect freebies like a Saryn Prime and weapon for Arthur for watching the event’s livestream (provided they’ve linked up their game accounts to Twitch), enter into some contests, and look forward to in-person autograph signings with several of the game’s voice actors.

source: press releases
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