Destiny 2 talks remote engineering work, Crucible updates, and keeping Eliksni warm


The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way people view office work and safety all across the world, and Destiny 2 developer Bungie was certainly no exception to this shift in strategy. The game’s head of engineering has written an insightful little blog post about the change, chronicling how the pandemic forced the devs in engineering and the studio overall to adapt. A follow-up blog post promises to discuss what’s being done now, particularly in light of those who want to remain in remote work.

In other Destiny 2 news, the weekly newsletter brings up an event this Tuesday that players can take part in to make the Eliksni Quarter of the Last City a bit more comfortable and a lot warmer. Players who want to take part simply need to collect captain’s coins from around the system and donate them, earning personal and communal rewards along the way.

The newsletter further talks about updates that are coming for Crucible PvP including playlist structure updates, more rewards like crucible seals and engram focusing, matchmaking technique changes, and a new mode being added to Season 19’s Iron Banner. The post also promises more Crucible maps over the next year and a ranked version of the activity called Competitive Division.

source: Bungie website (1, 2)
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