Warframe’s Lua’s Prey update adds more story and a wolf-like character November 30

Ah, that explains it.

The time is soon coming when Warframe characters will get to walk on the wild side when the Lua’s Prey update goes live on all platforms on Wednesday, November 30th, thanks to a new wolf-like ‘Frame addition. Take it from me, being wolfy is pretty radical.

This new ‘Frame known as Voruna and is described as “four beasts, one heart” owing to her ability to use wolves in her pack to use unique abilities that marry strength and stealth. Voruna is also notable due to her design coming from Darksiders artist Joe “Mad” Madureira and her name from player votes as part of Digital Extremes’ cancer charity drive.

Another major highlight of Lua’s Prey is a new story mission that (perhaps unsurprisingly) takes place on Lua, featuring a new conjunction survival mission that tasks players with keeping life support towers triggered and collecting life support capsules dropped by slain enemies. The patch will also bring volume three of Nightwave Nora’s Mix, some new cosmetics, and limited-time bundles full of boosters and other items for sale on the game’s shop.

sources: press release, official site
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