Path of Exile’s April 7th update Crucible gives weapons their own skill trees


Spring has sprung, and a new Path of Exile league is about to bloom. Next week — April 7th for PC and April 12th for consoles — Crucible will launch. And as a perfect complement to the season, the unique aspect about this league is that it helps your weapons to grow in power by unlocking their own passive skill trees. Players will get to nurture their weapons one at a time by selecting which path to power they want.

The story behind Crucible is that an ancient race of titans who once shaped the primordial surface of Wraeclast are looking for a champion. These champion will be tested and tempered in the Crucible Forge, an encounter where players will be able to adjust the challenge by channeling their chosen weapon; the longer they channel, the more monsters they will face. And it doesn’t stop there: The monsters can combine together to make even more threatening foes.

Crucible also includes revamps for both Abyss and Breach, Ascendancy class improvements, new uniques and Vaal skills, improvements to the Ruthless game mode, and an in-league boss kill event. Watch the reveal livestream below and watch for more details in our next Wandering Wraeclast.

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