Star Wars: The Old Republic plans to move its servers over to Amazon Web Services

An effort to 'reach new players'


Hot on the heels of the move to a 64-bit client, Star Wars: The Old Republic is preparing another big jump in its backend: BioWare announced that plans are in the works to transfer SWTOR’s server tech over to Amazon Web Services at some point in the future.

To help get ready for this move, the studio’s asking players to bring over their pick-up trucks and as many cardboard boxes as they can find. Actually, BioWare invited everyone to come check out a new Shae Vizla test server that will be hosted on AWS. The first run of that server is scheduled for April 3rd through the 18th and will award testers a free Opal Vuptilla Mount if they complete a few tasks while there.

“This is a continuation of our effort to modernize and update the game with the focus to improve the player experience and optimize tech that is used by the team,” BioWare said, going on to say that the move will free up company resources for other development, provide better performance, and deliver faster updates.

“Once finalized, SWTOR may be capable to extend its servers capabilities to reach new players,” the studio teased.

Source: SWTOR
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