Star Wars: The Old Republic kicks off Galactic Season 4, PvP Season 2, and 64-bit client

Bap-a-dap-daaaa, daaa, dap-a-bap-daaaaaa ~♪

An urgent communique has gone out over the galactic holonet, informing the denizens of a galaxy far, far away that Star Wars: The Old Republic has a new update for them to investigate.

Update 7.2.1 is the second significant patch of 2023, bringing with it absolutely no new story content whatsoever. However, what it lacks in narrative it makes up in other areas. The update marks the start of both Galactic Season 4 and PvP Season 2, giving everyone new reward paths to pursue.

“In this new [galactic] season, players are joined by Amity, a Force user on a pilgrimage, to progress through the Messengers of the Cold Moon reputation track and earn new rewards such as the brand new Mek-Sha Hideout Stronghold,” BioWare posted.

Additionally, 7.2.1 activates the 64-bit client for all users and initiates a slew of adjustments designed to tackle the out-of-control inflation that’s run rampant across SWTOR’s economy for a while now.

Expect the servers back up in a few hours:

Source: SWTOR
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